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​Why can't you make a good picture


Why can't you make a good picture 

How can I make a better picture?! This may be every aspiring photographers most often ask their own questions, but it seems that there will always be some people will not consciously plunge into some circles, as if I bought this camera can shoot better photos, to the place where I can take out the photos.. Don’t dream, you take a nice picture of these more completely Never mind, canvas prints can make a good photo, of course above the last one I still agree.

You want to shoot better photos, is nothing more than you practice enough, and on your camera and not enough to understand, not to face your heart, of course, if you can do the following points are ready, you can take a good photo is not far away.

You need to know your camera

Ask yourself, do you really know your camera? Did you really have a soul deep conversation with your camera alone (neurotic)? If you can't master every function of your camera and know every feature of your camera, how can you get your camera to the top? To believe that every design of the camera designers is a cause, even if only in order to save costs, you also need to know in order to save the cost of doing out the function of how to use to sacrifice yourself. Some photographers take the phone can shoot a master level works, some people take hundreds of thousands of devices, but can only take photos of passers-by. The reason why you don't shoot the picture is not whether you have a good camera, but that you don't understand your camera.

Why can't you make a good picture

Have some simple rules

Although photography cannot simply rely on learning to improve the level, more or to contact and improve their aesthetic repair, but some basic photography rules must understand. Like the reciprocal rate, I really know a lot but has never done a film from the beginning will only use the digital automatic cracking rub rub cracking a person, they give everything to the camera, and forget yourself is the owner of the camera control. Know the inversion rate, can more relaxed control manual exposure, know when to open a big aperture, when to speed up the shutter, can more easily get their ideal exposure.

The composition of this indistinct, some people say the composition rules, some say random composition can be found, as long as make people looking at photos of yourself and comfortable two lines can also be regarded as a composition. But what kind of photos can make people feel comfortable? Some of the basic composition rule is meaningful, like the rule of thirds, the guide line of application, meaning, and elements of composition in the understanding of these, at least not let your photos out of order, are more likely to let others see comfortable.

Learn from other people's photos

When we see a good picture, we must first think of why this picture can attract us; because of its composition is it because of its color? Is it because of the emotion that it diverges? We must learn to read the classic photos, has become the classic, must have its attractions, we should learn from the process of reading pictures and absorb, you can even start from imitation, take more, will naturally add their own ideas and understanding, which will be for you to create a classic, system and style of their own.

Be sure to shoot more

Do you know the law of ten thousand hours? No one is born a genius, and any success requires a corresponding effort to make a return. If you want to be an expert in any field, you need to spend at least ten thousand hours of study and practice. Moriyama said he every day to shoot two thousand, remember there is a famous photographer said to his students, want to take a good photo shoot every day must adhere to the thirty volumes (about 1100 pieces), and then from the inside out one of their most satisfactory, take a period of time you will have a very large progress. Film age may be this is a threshold, after all, the thirty volume is not a small number, but in the digital age will be completely removed this threshold, you can finally brazenly shutter.

But you can't just press the shutter, and it doesn't mean you're going to go blind, and every shutter you need makes sense, and you know why you press this shutter. This point I know, every day I see a lot of entries, but there are a lot of people take the really very good, but also there are some people in their just random manufacturing shutter, shutter in my opinion is meaningless without content (or shutter, rambling could not find the subject) no, cannot find the key, the main body, no frame.

They may press the shutter at that moment did not think so, they may just simply do not understand their own camera, eyes and camera is completely different; maybe they just don't know the rules, do not know the use of what kind of rules can make the picture looks more comfortable. But in the end, they didn't shoot too much, and they didn't get into a picture, and they didn't know how to use the equipment properly to record everything they saw. The more you shoot, the faster you progress.

Why can't you make a good picture1

Be your own photographer

Every photographer first shot of inspiration comes from others, because others see shoot out good photos, so I also want to make the same beautiful moment, and then pick up the camera, starting from imitation, opened your own photography of the road.