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​You need these eight tips to keep track of your baby's growth.


You need these eight tips to keep track of your baby's growth

Lilia Alvarado, who was originally an artist who studies art graphics, began her photography career after the birth of her twin daughters, to document the growth of her two daughters. Lilia Alvarado offers several tips on how to photograph Children's lives.

1. Seize the perfect time: the golden moment

What is prime time? Prime time is not an exact hour on the dial, but a few minutes before and after sunrise or sunset. The sky is softer and more colorful than the rest of the day. Such light will also play a big role in your photos, making your photos look fuller.

Choose a simple scene

Choosing an appropriate background is of course a very important link, such as the beach, the background itself has a certain aesthetic feeling, for the photo shoot also has a powerful help. But be careful when choosing the background; don't let too beautiful background suppress the subject of the photo itself. Also, when choosing the background, avoid being too dense to minimize your attention to Children. In shooting techniques, use a large aperture and try to get close to the subject. The effect is absolutely stunning, and you'll find that your Children are a shining little star just before this simple backdrop.

3. Choose clothing that matches the background

Now that we have a simple background, Children's clothes should also be matched against the background. Don't have too many colors or decorations to avoid becoming another distraction point. With these simple things, Children's face and personality can be the biggest flashpoints in the picture. Soft warm colors are generally the best option, and accessories should be reduced to a minimum.

You need these eight tips to keep track of your baby's growth

Show the true side of your child

In traditional photography, the photographer will set his own theme before the shoot begins, and think about the scenes and actions that will be taken. However, this type of shooting is obviously not suitable for Children. The nature of a child makes them feel good and express their emotions more openly. Although many photographers complain that it is a great challenge to control these Children, we can make good use of this nature and "turn it into a treasure". Just let them play in your chosen scene and make them feel comfortable and relaxed, so the photos will show the essence of the child. And it's much better than the stiff children's photography.

Use props to focus your child's attention

A child's attention is often difficult to focus on one thing at a time, which may also be considered to be the biggest problem the photographer has encountered during the filming of children's photography. The trick to solving this problem is to give them a prop. It could be their favorite toy or other tools for Children to play with.

Besides being able to control their attention easily, adding props can also have an unexpected effect. Especially when you choose a prop that matches the subject, the whole picture will be more vivid and specific. In addition, props can also stimulate the most innocent and essential expression of Children, which not only makes the picture more interesting, but also a pleasant interaction and shooting experience with your Children.

Have the patience to wait

While we are constantly emphasizing the nature of our children, there are times when we need to have some poses that are difficult to capture quickly. So what's the trick here? Be patient and prepare to wait. Don't force your child. Too much stress can cause a child's dissatisfaction and make shooting more difficult. Try to follow the Children's ideas and find the right opportunities to guide them. By the time they begin to make similar moves to you, you have the chance to shoot. This will not only maintain your shooting atmosphere, but also make Children's movements more natural.

Be ready to press the shutter

This may be a little difficult when you first try, but you have to believe that practice makes perfect. Always keep your camera in your reach and take pictures of what you think is worth it. Usually, a candid picture is more powerful than a well-prepared pose, because it captures the real moment of the photographer. Without any prepared real-time shooting or candid shot, it's often the best work of a photographer.

Let your child walk around

If playing games is a child's nature, then it's a child's nature. The moving Children often have the charm of being static. All you have to do is follow their footsteps and wait for them to show you the loveliest thing in front of you.

After watching these 8 tips, believe that you're already confident that your Children will be shooting at your home. Although skills can help you, of course, but the most important or record their Children every day, the growth of shooting the original intent of also is from the love of Children, love and patience is the basis of take good photos. Regardless of the outcome of the shoot, every parent and child is expected to enjoy the process of filming, making the time more memorable than the photo.