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​How to make creative personality portrait photography


How to make creative personality portrait photography

First, don't shoot close-ups to feature

Many photographers know of close-up confined to the scene. The scene is a grasp of the lens language, is a form of bearing the theme and content. Blindly pursue the form of visual impact, but the external image of jigsaw, unavoidably formulaic. Pursuit of artistic work, is the unity of form and connotation, and the content show subtle and often is woven with meaning, not easily be interpreted.

Second, portrait photography is not only taking clear character.

Portrait and the human body art do not necessarily have to make clear his characters. Actually can shape and attitude of the characters, combined with the corresponding element, from the overall picture show some kind of mood or emotion? Below, modeling elegant dance and a skirt modeling combination of lilies in the scene, the two complement each other.

In specific filming, we choose our prospects to focus on the lilies, deliberately falsified background and models, in addition, choose the background as a highlight, such as the window through the exposure control wanted background overexposed, highlight the screen effect of high-profile, quiet, elegant fully show picture.

Third, through the shape unique silhouette effect performance

Silhouette can weaken the details, highlighting the shape of the show. A charming and graceful posture, can through the silhouette of the technique of expression, form a simple and vivid visual communication, improve artistic expression of the picture. Specific shot, the photographer should pay attention to guide the performance model of the form. In addition to pay attention to the control of exposure, usually adopt spot metering mode the brightest part of metering on the image, and combined with exposure compensation can be silhouette effect.

How to make creative personality portrait photography

Fourth, "ghost" is also the elements of art creation

"Ghost" is what we usually call glare, also in traditional portrait photography, is a very taboo "ghost", because it can destroy the concise and clear picture effect. However, in the hazy aesthetic classes such as performance, effective use of the "ghost" will have very good rendering effect on the image. Pictured above, atomization of glare, make the picture appear more hazy, beautiful themes is more profound. In specific, usually choose backlight cases, in addition, take off the lens hood, glare effect is more obvious.

Fifth, the photography as a tool of performance art

Love to look into the mirror is the nature of women, however, a lot of people think women look in the mirror is in self-pity, I think this is a very shallow and vulgar. "Spiritual dialogue" is the photographer insight into social reality, the author explores the inner, of humanity care, such a perspective will have strong personal color, and performance in the photographer’s works is unique. The figure below, you can see the picture is carefully crafted by photographer. Change numerous for brief, just keep the necessary elements present in the picture, is more significant. 

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