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​4 decisive moment of street photography


4 decisive moment of street photography

Decisive moment is everything there is a fraction of a second, coupled with the photographer’s observation, and presses the shutter; all elements are the most "harmony" or "a description of the most force" of the state. Landscape, "when the structure of the frame (static) and object motion appearance yan (inner, dynamic) integration into most can tell, is also the most can reveal the essence of the scene configuration for an instant, is the decisive moment.

See this word, when their first street photography will associate with those "fleeting moments, always thought that decisive moment is to rely on" luck ", "extremely fast response speed," and "familiar with the height of the camera function to grab" to those who would disappear within a fraction of a second moment, but I misunderstood, I think a lot of people like me, have misunderstood the meaning of "decisive moment". If you look at it again, and the bishop said that sentence: "all things are have their decisive moment", will know why don't you just luck, not only refers to the rapidly changing moments, the "static" of things has its "decisive moment", and also is to know how to observe and at the right time to press the shutter. Filming "decisive moment" is actually some of the skills, we all think that bresson's luck is very good, fast, can always get some rare moments, but in addition to luck, there are also some skills. Let's see what are the skills can make your photographed "decisive moment".

4 decisive moment of street photography

1. Feel the rhythm of the streets

Street photography is like ballroom dancing, between the photographer and the streets of ballroom dancing. On the street have their rhythm, things like bus stops, traffic lights changing, subway station escalator hand rolled over, convenience store automatic doors opened and closed, passers-by in the green light to make the first move, the number of seconds with 10 seconds left to start or run quickly, and so on, many people feel that the street photographer must speed, eyes quickly, the shutter speed is fast, move fast, yes, the speed can indeed make you caught the great moments, but before faster, you have to slow down first feel the rhythm of the street, like the front said to ballroom dance, as long as one step in the wrong, will step on a partner's feet or fall, all messed up the whole rhythm, street photography, too, if you don't try to feel the rhythm of the street and you want to do the walk, that you will lose a lot of the opportunity to be seen as the moment. To corner stood and looked around for a while you probably will feel the rhythm of "street".

2. Observe, forecast

When to press the shutter should be a lot of people on the street photography question, "how did you know that someone will pass at that time?" "How do you know the man the next what is action?" "How so just photographed?" , have you ever seen a Nicolas cage's "predict the future" (Next), actor in the movie have to predict what will happen after two minutes of super ability, he will be in your mind will through all the possibilities, and then make the best choice. Street photographer have this kind of ability, is not to say that have a super ability, but can through careful observation to guess "may" happen, simple imagination like children just learning to ride a bike next second may wrestling, a passer-by holding five cups of coffee to rob a red light across the road, is likely to be spilled coffee, standing in front of a poster of interesting downtown, there may be some interesting people through fun contrast, one looked down at my cell phone to walk under a second may step on shit... And so on, and try to observe and practice forecast within one minute could happen around you, in that one minute you will have many opportunities to get you to the "decisive moment".

3. Don't stop looking forward to the happening of the moment

A book called "the secret", it is said that when you continue to want to look forward to the possibility that things eventually come true. , of course, we can't have been looking forward to the streets to our endless moment, just when you're doing this kind of look forward to the way you watch will be different, looking forward to a corner there will be a interesting picture, looking forward to a turn will see great composition, looking forward to go to the next corner will have great light, and so on, when you do this kind of look forward to you will know how to observe, to which side to observe, and had come to know the when press the shutter. Say simply is street photographer of the mind.

4 decisive moment of street photography art

4. Waiting

Many bresson's works seem to be very rare moment, whether it's composition, or in the characters in the picture, and the interaction between light and shadow scene, we can only sigh bresson's luck and skill, but is there ever thought about why he can always get so many wonderful moments? Skill and luck in street photography, of course, be short of one cannot, but if you spread the bresson's films, you know why he can often photographed those wonderful moments. This technique is called "waiting".

When you see a fantastic scene or light, such as over there for a while, such as a person, such a situation occur, such as a light, a lot of people like the comparison of street photography to a hunter, the hunter's characteristic is they won't move around, will be kept in a place waiting for, and at the right time. Street photographer must learn to wait, also not always walk around looking for shooting target, try to keep in a point, and at the right time to use the shutter to "create" a wonderful moment. 

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