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​How to take a nice Interior decoration photograph


How to take a nice Interior decoration photograph

Home is a very warm place for people, a lot of people have their own home decoration is very beautiful, design a good work, but because of his shooting is very disappointing, the effect of interior photos or use a wide Angle lens, or take out the lights dim, the photos for the average person can't meet their aesthetic feeling, for designers, but not exactly the idea of design. Here www.customcanvasonline.com.au are some tips for indoor photo shooting.

1. The importance of light in taking indoor photos

Indoor filming is very important for lighting requirements compared to other types of shooting. At the time of shooting, we can observe the light of the problem, need not to need to open the entire light source, and then observe the environment, determine whether or not you still need other external auxiliary light source.

We can choose to use a little more natural light, plus some light effects will be better. Indoor photography is often used to look natural and real light, which means avoiding large white areas like the one above. Publications are now, of course, in the past, have been able to accept the white area, but generally avoided by the image area and not let people see photographs points are produced when the possibility of attention.

How to take a nice Interior decoration photograph

In the case of insufficient light, flashing light on many occasions is necessary, such as the light is very dark, or the need to balance the indoor and outdoor light looks more natural balance. Whatever the lighting, it's best to put them on a horizontal surface, such as walls or ceilings. After all, the light source in each room is different.

2. The tone and style of the photo

For general photography buffs or interior designers, the decor of the house and the style of the photos should be noted. For example what kind of decorating style is what kind of picture tonal, the article in the house wants how to put etc., be like photographing model, the model wants to change what kind of makeup is same.

We can compare the above two pictures, have different decoration style, and adopt different shooting tone; it seems to give people a different feeling. So we in indoor shooting pictures, be sure to know what decorate a style, appropriate USES color to photograph, like lipstick colors number, what color of lipstick, should match what style of dress is a truth, this will make our effect to get points.

3. Use items for decoration

While shooting indoor photos, we can use some interesting items to add to our creativity. To make it clear where the highlights of the room are, where the features are, and where they are more attractive. Such as the flowery of the above picture, can bring a kind of sweet, fresh feeling to the room, also added a lot of color inside. We have to be bold to try, a little more creativity, a little bit of fresh stuff inside, the effect will be better.

4. Post-processing should be appropriate

After the photo is taken, it is the later stage. It is best to shoot in RAW format, so that the addition and subtraction can be taken separately, so that we can do post-processing. When we adjust the white balance, we should pay a little attention to mastering a degree. If we take it outside, we should pay attention to the differences between the indoor and outdoor colors.

Brightness, the light will easily blown, professional point of our more ticket may be used for synthesis of superposition, try not to get too dark, if requiring to detail, can take out some furniture color alone, don't appear shadow more, less detail.

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