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​How to photograph a face


How to photograph a face

Closed eyes

A closed face can attract people's eyes in a special way. Closed eyes are a very valuable (but often undervalued) target for both content and composition. On the one hand, it is relatively uncommon, so it will be unfamiliar to the viewer; on the other hand, closed eyes seem to invite the viewer to observe the whole face carefully. Viewers don't have to worry about having direct eye contact with models, or worrying about being discovered. Without these scruples, the viewer can stay in the picture for a very long time.

In combination with other features such as facial expression, body posture, clothing, accessories, or lighting, closed eyes can have very different expressive effects. Close your eyes and relaxed collocation together; give a person a kind of quiet, meditation, return to the true, delicate feeling. On the contrary, if the model closed eyes, facial distortion, so he is likely to struggle, suffering, loud screaming, sleepy yawn, or be absorbed in to something - in short, this interpretation is varied.


In the emotional expressiveness of the face, the significance of the eyebrows is often underestimated. This is especially true in people who lack eyebrows. Patients with certain autoimmune diseases lose all of their body hair. Hair loss or hair loss is not particularly obtrusive, but once he loses his eyebrows, he looks very strange. Although the viewer doesn't initially realized immediately that the root cause of this strange feeling of the eyebrows are missing, but it does make the whole face looked stiff, like a layer mask, always gives people a feeling of incomplete.

How to photograph a face

Eyebrows that are clearly painted and embellished shapes can convey a variety of emotional content particularly accurately. The bushy eyebrows are so eye-catching that they seem to be clamoring for people, and it will even replace the eyes that were originally the focus, and become the new eyes of the viewer. Two lines extending into the middle, and a line of eyebrows, will give people a very diverse feeling. The owner of this eyebrow may be conceited, dangerous, impulsive, masculine, powerful, or powerful. Unfortunately, viewers tend to reject the shape of the eyebrows more often. But in Central Asia, this kind of "heart to heart" eyebrow is one of the standards of female beauty. But whether it is to incur resentment or cause a beautiful viewing experience, such a link can always attract viewers and gain high attention.

The thinner the eyebrows are, the more rigid and severe the person appears. If a person's eyebrows are completely removed and repainted, the person will feel uncomfortable with the viewer and often associate with a disease.


The nose is located in the center of the face. Thanks to this location, it gets a very high level of practical attention - much higher than the attention that can only be achieved by its own expressiveness. Because only when people smell something or are dissatisfied with something, they will wrinkle their nose, so that they express a certain emotional content. In addition, the nose is almost always a stationary part of the body; the dynamic play space is minimal.

However, the size and shape of the nose and in conjunction with the character of many characters together: big nose a symbol of masculinity and confidence and conceit; instead, small and micro Alice nose pretty delicate, slightly playful. Such a nose, if it belongs to a baby face category, can add infinite charm to women. Have a flat nose is often seen as easy-going temperament, and nose is a symbol of negative personality, sharp nose people tend to make people feel harsh and indifferent, straight nose contains take it leisurely and unimpressively nobility, and an asymmetric crooked nose even sometimes broken nose - it will seriously affect the watch the good mood, make them feel uncomfortable.

Nose projection

The face is illuminated, and the nose projects a shadow on the face accordingly. From a photographic point of view, the nose is noticeable through its own projection. Such as outdoor daylight or ordinary lamps lighting this kind of light source on the top of the light conditions, the nose of the projection will be located in the lips, it will not only affect the appearance of the whole picture, but also angry mouth interference. In addition, the projection of your eyes in this case is also a difficult problem for you.

In theory, you can reduce the shadow area of your nose by allowing the model to raise your head. But in fact, this method only from the top down view will receive good results. In other cases, the head will make up the bottom of neck and chin to dominate the main part of the occupy photos. In addition, the nostrils will be directed straight at the lens, which is very unsightly.

How to photograph a face1

In addition to the previous method, you can also use the reflector or fill the flash to reduce the projection under the nose and the eye socket. However, unless from the lower face (lighting effect unsightly), otherwise you can not completely eliminate the shadow. For the obvious nose projection, ideally, you should change the light conditions: or use diffuse light, or place a light source in the eye height of the model, or take pictures in the shadows.

In the case of side illumination, the nose rapidly casts a prominent shadow on the cheek, which usually affects the viewing effect as well. To avoid this situation, you can choose