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1.Due to an editing limitation, the mirror wrap selection may not display accurately, appearing as white instead. Rest assured, our experienced designers will apply the appropriate mirror wrap to your photos.

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Welcome to Custom Canvas Online, where we offer premium quality custom canvas floater frames designed to enhance your artwork or photographs. Our floater frames provide a sleek, modern display option that adds a professional touch to any piece.

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floater picture frames

What are Floater Frames?
Floater frames are a modern framing option where the artwork appears to float within the frame, creating a stunning visual effect. The canvas or picture is mounted inside the frame with a small gap, giving the illusion of floating within the frame. What sets our canvas floater frames apart is their unique design, which gives the illusion that your artwork is floating within the frame. This effect creates a stunning presentation that draws attention to your work without distracting from it.

custom canvas floater frame

Features of canvas floater picture frame
1.Unique Display: Unlike traditional frames, floater frames give your artwork a contemporary and unique display, perfect for modern spaces.
2.Versatility: Our custom frames are tailored to your specific dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your artwork.
3.Enhanced Visual Impact: The floating effect adds depth and dimension to your pictures, making them stand out on any wall.
4.Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our frames are made from high-quality materials to preserve and protect your artwork for years to come.
Whether you're framing a canvas painting, a photo print, or any other artwork, our custom canvas floater picture frames are the ideal choice. Elevate your display with our premium frames today. Order now and let your artwork shine!