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​How to photograph for baby


How to photograph for baby

In the days when babies are happy or happy, taking pictures of them is one of the habits of the world's parents to record the healthy growth of their lives. These images or be made into beautiful photo album, or burning VCD discs, possesses appeal, or flush into a pretty big pictures, for a family of appreciation and watch in the future, a good memory to become eternal life!

There is no denying that it is undoubtedly a good way to get the film to take on this relatively "arduous" task, but it is sometimes difficult to anticipate. First of all, the baby is too small, and the body is very vulnerable, and can't go out in the flu season, not to mention taking pictures of the relatively distant studio. In order to take a different style of photos, it will be inevitable to change clothes for the children on the scene, which will further increase the risk of colds in the studio. In addition, studio filming should be limited by time, not as casual as family filming. Filming can be extended at home for a long time. The photos can be taken from the outside of the house to be taken by the family. The photos are more vivid and natural. In addition, the film studio relies on the artificial background, the monotone does not say, the stereoscopic feeling is also greatly reduced; In addition, the price is expensive also is a big malpractice of the studio photography, the use of hundreds of thousands of dollar, which is not a small number for low - and middle-income families.

If we have a proper digital camera in our hands, why do you want to be a movie studio! Take some photos of you, after careful post-processing, then get the digital print shop to flush out and then deposit into the exquisite photo album will not be finished? If that is not enough, it might as well choose a few of the most lovely the most beautiful, let the studio into a 10 inch of crystal photos, hang on the wall in the home slowly appreciate, different appears very professional?

How to photograph for baby

However, it's easy for the average player to capture a photo of his baby with the ability to match the studio. What do they need to do before filming?

Camera selection

As the old saying goes, "the best thing to do is to be good at it". To shoot high-quality photos for active babies, it is not easy to do so without a good "weapon". In view of the characteristics of the babies, the digital camera that they are filming must meet the following requirements:

1. Quick response

Babies active, slightly passes some highlights, such as a smile, curiosity, and angry, start-up speed too slow, if digital cameras interval is too long can make these wonderful miss one by one.

Digital camera response speed includes starting time, shutter lag, storage time and other aspects. As competition intensifies, DC vendors already improve the response speed of the product as "surprise", one of the magic weapons of under their continuous efforts, some of the start time of just 0.1 seconds, 0.2 seconds digital camera has become a bright spot of the current market.

2. High pixel resolution

To facilitate post-processing, digital cameras for baby photography must have high pixel resolution. However, the higher the pixel resolution, the higher the level of the picture, the more storage space will be taken up, and the later processing will be more difficult. At the moment, more than four million pixels are enough to meet that demand, and prices have fallen near freezing after a new price war.

3. Complete manual function

Due to the advantages of fashion, thin, the fashion models in today's market selling "fire", but as a result of this kind of machine with the manual function is very limited, for the baby photo is some "stand". To get a clear and natural picture quality, complete manual function is absolutely indispensable. Although digital SLRS and big zoom models are not easy to handle, the photos you take after a grope will definitely give you a sense of accomplishment.

4. Equipped with large zoom lens

In the process of filming for the baby, the baby will be closely glued to the camera because of the curiosity. In view of this, we might as well set the frame in the distance and shoot the baby's movements with a large zoom.

Most of the big zoom models on the market today are equipped with 10X - ray lens, which is enough to satisfy this requirement. In the background of digital SLR, it will be very agreeable to shoot the baby with this kind of model. But since the price of digital SLR still hovers over 5,000 dollar, ordinary players can only do their best.

Equipment preparation

Tripod is indispensable to ensure the success rate of filming. Second, because the baby's eyes, in the process of developing flash funds retinal damage easily, and because of this, we should try to avoid using flash, in the process of filming even use, also must first on the window of flash on a piece of white silk, make point-blank light scattering. The filming scene is not outside the indoor, outdoor two large majorities. Indoor filming must ensure sufficient light, and in order to make the background softer, we might as well use the lamp to make up the light behind the baby. In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of outdoor shooting, sufficient battery is also indispensable. For a digital SLR, it will be easier to match the camera with one or two auxiliary lenses, such as wide Angle, distance and UV filter.

In addition to batteries, outdoor photography is often subject to the memory card's capacity, so we should be able to get a big enough memory card before we go out. If you have a digital camera partner, it's great, you're a big no-no!

Filming of actual combat

Only photography can perpetuate the growth and diversity of children's activities and as time goes by, these pictures of life will become more valuable. Therefore, when taking pictures of children, be sure to be very careful and try to make sure that each one is the most vivid picture of your child's childhood.

Keep innocence and avoid pretentious

The picture of the baby's portrait, you are capturing their natural look. When children are very young, they don't care about the existence of cameras, but as they grow up, they become more and more curious. The author's baby is only nine months old, and when shooting, the camera is glued to the camera. Although there is no artificial suspicion, the photos are inevitably dull and lifeless.

Because the child is too small, let them put a pose is difficult than ascend day, in this case, we can only let it be, when meeting highlights quickly picked up the side of the camera, the "impressive" image quickly snapped off. In general, pictures of babies taken in a natural state are often filled with innocent, childlike life, which is far better than those obtained by deliberately manipulating their children.

Adjust the light and use less flash

Generally speaking, the indoor light that the baby plays is not very good, must attune the indoor lamps and lanterns before filming, and make them keep in good working condition. To protect children's eyes, don't use strobe lights without the flash, and if the natural light is too dark, we can use reflective reflectors to achieve the effect of filling the light.

How to photograph for baby1

In general, photographing easily to distinguish the subject and the background, it is particularly important for babies in the filming of dark hair, because dark hair easily blended with dark background or trees. When outdoor filming, if the sunlight from the back of the main body, it will make the image of the baby relatively dark. To avoid this, we can arrange the reflective panels next to the camera to get enough light for the child's face.

Organize shooting scenes and shoot series of photos

The child's life is colorful, in order to keep the memorable scene, we can create a special activity set to shoot series, for example, bathing for the baby, baby home building blocks, eating, playing, etc. During filming, we quickly captured every shot that we thought was brilliant, and then sifted through it to leave the most important photos. In general, the activity began to shoot a used to hand over to treat, the theme of the scene, appliance, activities of the baby's dynamic can shoot at random, and photographing activities at the end of the end of a house for activities.

Be patient and be good at capturing highlights

In general, babies show a strong curiosity about the first thing they see, and the excitement of the look on his or her face. For example, if we bring a colored pen to the children, the child will show an excited smile, and if the child smiles and puts out a small hand to take a picture of the color pen, it will become the memory of eternal life

Post processing

After the photos were taken and carefully screened for the turnip, we also needed to use some image editing software to modify the photos. The author is not advocated for the baby packaging and cover facial defects, such as they face Zairian and birthmarks, these things often represent the children the truest side.

The most useful image processing software is PHOTOSHOP, which we can use to cut the photos easily to remove the unattractive edges. It can also be used to adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo to further highlight the subject.

As for the use and technique of PHOTOSHOP 7.0, there are many materials and tutorials on the Internet, and I won't be too verbose here. All in all, this is a very powerful image editing software, we can use it to add individuality to picture words, can let the distorted picture, color can be black and white, can convert photos into paintings style... Interested friends can study research in their spare time.

Photo album production

The photos are only printed to make it easier to watch and enjoy, so the digital print shop still has to run. At present, with the popularity of digital cameras, digital print shops have already had a "full bloom" in urban and rural areas, and printing prices are becoming more and more popular. In general, the print cost of the 5-inch photo is about 7 cents, 10 inches around 12 dollars, which is basically close to the cost of film stamping.

In order to make a special album for the baby, we need to print these photos into 5, 7 and 2 specifications, and 7 inches for single leaves and 5 inches for a single page. The picture of the baby is often staggering after the cumulative number of years. The author's son is only nine months old, and the picture taken is about a thousand. According to the time of the baby's growth, the author divided the photos into several large ones, thus forming a complete picture diary for baby growth.