​10 tips from experienced landscape photographers

​10 tips from experienced landscape photographers

Photographer Declan O 'neill, who has been photographing landscapes for more than 40 years, canvas prints says he's like a lot of people who shoot landscapes because it's beautiful to see, but it's a trap because it makes us think it's good enough to just photograph it. In fact, it is like taking out a piece of mirror to reflect the scenery without any of their own perspective and feelings. Photographer Ansel Adams believes that if a photographer wants to take a good picture, he must find out "the sound of scenery".

Here are 10 tips he shares, canvas prints online including his personal philosophy of landscape photography, if you love landscape photography, you might want to follow his advice

1) Keep in mind that "there is something to say about landscape"

We should take the time to read and know a place, want to know the change of the light, how to affect the scenery, so far as to say that the change of light and shadow is his "speak" scenery, scenery is the canvas through the light to create atmosphere and emotion, panoramic canvas prints and we are through photography, this kind of "talking", that is the meaning of landscape photography. As a result, you may not get something every time and may even be disappointed often.

2) Get up earlier!

If we choose sunrise vs. sunset, maybe we should choose sunrise, though sunset is very good, but too many people are shooting? And morning light is always a surprise, because you never know what you will see (or not see!) at sunrise. . In some cases, a unique mist is captured, which is lost after sunrise.

3) Imperfection is good

Unlike studio photography, we cannot master and control the light source, and we will encounter an insurmountable highlight difference environment. Although we can be processed through the lens, HDR, etc., but encounter strong contrast, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but also can be a beautiful landscape works.

4) Look back

It's easy to go to places of interest and focus on those that are obviously beautiful and particularly attractive (the results are pretty much the same for everyone), but if you look back and look at the environment, there's always a chance that you'll see something beautiful and interesting.

5) Use planning software

Using good planning software, you may be able to take photos more easily. One of The Photographers introduced is "The Photographers Ephemeris", which mainly shows The locations of The sun around The world at different times, allowing you to plan your journey. If you're going to Europe, it's also helpful to check out our European photography travel App.

10 tips from experienced landscape photographers

6) Don’t chase after advanced equipment

A good pen does not make a better poem. The most important thing is, as the first point, to find the scenery "to say", and then you use your own equipment to capture it. Different equipment has its meaning, do not blindly pursue.

7) Don’t paint landscapes

It is now very popular to shoot a landscape with an overweight hand or exaggerated technique such as a very long exposure. But these pictures are not real; they have lost their "voice". Landscape photographers should let the natural environment "speak for itself", and through the photos, people can explore their views of the place from the inside, instead of imposing them through the super colorful sky or grassland. Otherwise, you might as well draw with a pen.

8) Bad weather is good weather

Clouds and rain may be very disappointing, but this is not the law, if careful observation, we can also find attractive pictures and surprises.

9) Repeat the same location

Luck is part of good photography, too. If you find a place with potential and you want to get the perfect shot, you should go back again and again.

10) Don’t take all advice!

You have to have your own voice, your own style, floating frame canvas and don't take any advice in a bag. For example, it is often suggested that when you shoot a wide landscape, you should put an interesting center of gravity in the foreground. However, this presupposes that it is boring to shoot the landscape purely. However, when you add something else between the landscape and the audience, it is telling a different story.

14th Oct 2019

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