​10 ways to improve your travel portrait photography

​10 ways to improve your travel portrait photography

10 ways to improve your travel portrait photography

Travel not only expands one's vision, but also greatly improves the photographer's photographic ability. In travel photography, canvas prints how to take a good portrait often becomes a big problem. It's not a lack of opportunity. You can see incredible and most photogenic scenes almost everywhere you travel. However, many people are shy and miss many wonderful moments.

1. Be ready to shoot

It's very basic, but it's very important. Portrait photography usually takes people's brief moments, canvas photo prints which are generally not replicable. You're not photographing landscapes, and it gives you a long time to prepare. So, your lens cover, your camera, your camera parameters and Settings have to be ready.

2. Shoot close to the subject

If you're unhappy with your work or find it boring, it's probably because you're too far away from your subject. I know that people who are close to people I don't know feel shy and embarrassed when they go to shoot, especially when they are abroad. So, you're going to use your long focus, and you're going to stand a long way, and hopefully they won't notice you. But that often doesn't work.

If you want to use your pictures to tell a story to your audience, you have to overcome the barriers of your shyness and embarrassment, get close to them, and photograph them. This will give your work more detail and improve the clarity of your photos. In addition, you can more easily adjust the lighting, background, composition and depth of field. Their good portraits play an important role.

3. Contact the subject

You might think, "that sounds good, but how do I get in touch with him?”The biggest challenge has nothing to do with photography itself, but with how photographers interact with people. So how do we improve our ability? It's simple. When you're hanging out in the street, meet a stranger, chat with him, and ask, "Can I take a picture of you?"

10 ways to improve your travel portrait photography

If you are rejected, this is good news, and you can continue to practice your ability to interact with others with such a positive attitude, one thing to remember is to smile. Get close to strangers and adapt to the local culture so you can get better pictures.

4. Learn the local basic language knowledge

When you travel, if you speak their language, what will they do to you? In fact, if you speak their language, it's easier to approach them, and that's a good place to start. Most of the time, we don't have to take a very long time to learn the local language, we only need to know some basic language, look from my personal experience, the most important is the following six phrases:

When you take a bus or taxi, you can ask the receptionist or taxi driver for some pronunciation, or go to a local travel agency. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. This will not only help you get close to others, but also make your journey more pleasant.

5. Smile

Keep smiling, even if you don't speak any local language. If you're grumpy and angry, no one wants to approach you, no one wants to take a picture of you, and you can't get the picture you want. When you leave with the picture you want, you can see the power of a smile.

6. Spend time

Everyone is not used to and vigilant when facing the camera at the beginning. Don't press the shutter when you don't reach the desired effect. Therefore, before shooting, you need to spend time building a trusting relationship with the subject and forming a harmonious atmosphere. Take a deep breath, relax yourself and your subject, and wait for the best time to come.


Reality can be quiet and boring. But you can't be quiet. Take advantage of your needs, arrange the site, change your perspective, and get moving. Don't be lazy. With a little movement, you can eliminate what you don't need and make the picture look better. Don't just rely on zoom.

8. 50mm lens

Using a 50mm prime lens will help you cope with your laziness and get you moving. It not only improves the quality of creativity and images, but also gives you more perspective when shooting.

9. Start by photographing children or people at work

If you want to approach strangers but are shy, start by photographing children, who usually like to take pictures and don't get bored. But it's important to get the consent of your child's parents before filming. Another option is to go to busy areas to film people doing things. People who do things don't want to look at you. They have to be busy with their work.

10. A good place to visit

Travel centers are usually far from reality. At the same time, it is often difficult to get photos out of the box. Sometimes we just take some time to the small village, so, you'll find the people here is so different, you will have more opportunity to exchange, Modern Canvas Wall Art Print Australia to practice the new language skills and take pictures of more real. It will also be a better travel experience.

28th Jun 2018

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