12 ways to shoot beautiful flowers

12 ways to shoot beautiful flowers

Portrait photography and landscape photography have their own set of composition method, canvas prints that like sketch photography shooting flowers and plants friends how to do? Don't worry! In fact, there is also a set of their own flower composition method, and other types of photography theme of the basic composition method, but to see how to use, to really show the elegant posture of flowers. Can from the size of the image, shooting Angle, tone and level down the ink, or carefully deal with the background and shooting time to grasp, hope to understand these methods, we can take out their own words!

The composition of flower photography is the main shooting technique. The basic requirements are prominent, innovative and elegant. Specifically, cheap canvas flower photography is composed of color, imaging, tone, layers, and lines, virtual and real. Therefore, the purpose of its composition is to obtain the real, vivid and perfect image, profound meaning and artistic conception full of lasting appeal through the selection of objects and the use of various modeling methods. Different flowers have different characters and charm, such as the purity of the rose, the purity of the lotus, the elegance of the orchid, and the purity of the chrysanthemum and so on, should adopt different ideas, means and forms of expression to present the character and characteristics of the flowers.


This is the source of color flower photography, as well as the prerequisite of the intention, after choosing the color, we should consider the background color with the subject, split canvas prints and this is called the color coordination in the composition. On the picture, had better have a fundamental tone, have again the fine contrast between each color and harmonious. On the application of color, should want to be able to let main body stand out, and make the effect that background has foil, be like to use red (yellow) make give priority to fundamental key, and green serves as foil.

Image size

In a flower photography work, the position of flowers in the whole picture is a technique of expression of perspective and contrast in the composition. The selection of the picture and flowers depends on the photographer's creative intention. When shooting the whole or close-up, the main body occupies a different position in the picture, that is, to highlight the main body, but also to separate the density, to prevent distracting and chaotic.

The Angle

Angle refers to the Angle formed by the straight line between the camera and the two points of the flower, which is related to the normal horizontal or vertical line. Just a slight change can affect the composition, so it's best to spend time and effort on crafting the right Angle.

Generally speaking, in the flowerbed or flowerbed that is convenient for viewing to photograph flowers, can use to look up Angle or look up Angle to frame more. But sometimes it's not easy to choose the Angle of the tree, the lotus in the water, the water lily on the lake. But the more difficult to shoot the genre, the more we should try to find an ideal Angle to achieve a breakthrough and innovation.

Tone and gradation

Tone is mainly refers to the flowers by the light after the irradiation of the light and dark levels. The flower that shoots with front light, shadow tone is anacreontic; Shoot with backlight, the tone is darker; By shooting with side light, the leaves and petals will have distinct levels of light and shade. Different tone has a unique special effect, bright tone will feel fresh, and dark tone will feel deep. No matter the shade of light and dark should strive to show the level of flowers, if you do not pay attention to the tone of flowers, the texture of flowers cannot be well expressed, if there is no level, it cannot show the three-dimensional sense of flowers, especially flowers photography, should be in the real presentation of flowers color under the premise of the pursuit of the effect of tone and layers.


Line is the most important factor in flower photography. Without line, there would be no flower form. In a flower work, line is like a skeleton, color is like skin, and both are indispensable. Therefore, when considering the composition of the picture, we should pay attention to the analysis of the lines of the photographed flowers, such as the curvature, thickness, density, distance, height, length, primary and secondary, false and real, and make a choice to choose and use, so that the lines in the picture to produce contrast, and with appropriate, is not to be ignored.

12 ways to shoot beautiful flowers

False or true

In the art of photography, reality is a unique technique of expression in composition, which is accomplished by virtue of the characteristics of the lens. The use of virtual and real contrast, the purpose is to highlight the theme, render the atmosphere, and enhance the artistic effect. There are different meanings in photography. Reality is the basic technique requirement of focusing to obtain clear and realistic subject. And virtual, is the requirements of art, virtual in a variety of ways, before virtual, after virtual, virtual left, virtual right, a little virtual, local virtual, large area virtual, virtual away the influence of the theme of unnecessary scenery, the purpose is to make the theme image more prominent, artistic, achieve a certain artistic effect.

Background processing for flower photography

Background processing is an important factor in determining the quality of flower photography. In the composition of flower photography, it plays a role of foil and foil to the theme, especially important when shooting color photos. The background is not the main object in the picture, but it occupies a large area in the picture. The more simple the flower composition, the larger the area occupied by the background, which is a non-negligible factor in the flower photography. When we shoot flowers outdoors, in addition to observing whether the position of light is suitable for shooting, choosing the right background is also an important part.

Soften the background

This method is very simple, as long as there is a certain distance between the background and the main body, use macro lens or long lens, you can get the effect of blurring the background. At the same time, in the selection of the background, may as well move a different Angle to observe, such as the best background to shoot.

Side light exposure, contrasting background

More flower shooting techniques, with a very dark or black background to highlight the main body, so that the primary and secondary sharp, strong contrast. But a lot of people don't know how do you find such a contrasting environment in the open air in the middle of the day? Does it have to go through a special site arrangement or post-processing to get it done? A lot of people think it is to look for a thing to do block in the back, want to get such effect actually not difficult, want to pay attention to only, choose good background to be able to achieve easily.

The dark background is actually a natural result of the narrow exposure capacity of the CCD on the digital camera. First, choose a background that is a little further away from the main body and a little darker, without too much light. Next, the exposure is based on the main metering value. Due to the large contrast between the main body and the background, when the main body is exposed normally, the background will be affected by the nonlinear characteristics of photosensitization due to the darkening on the CCD, and the effect will be very close to black. Moreover, the objects in the photo will be cleaner because of the blurring of the lens, and a black high-contrast photo will be completed.

Highlights contrast performance, set off each other's background

This way does not have to deliberately blur the background to highlight the main body, but let the background as an ornament, suitable for a large display of flowers, plants. It is mainly the use of different focal length lenses, the use of perceptual depth of field, perspective to organize an interesting picture. This time, suit to use downy light, the photograph that takes gives the atmosphere with rich romance.

Chaos in order, virtual in real background

The shallow depth of field effect of the long lens and macro lens is used to make the front and back scenes of the main body be blurred appropriately and to different degrees, so as to get the "dreamlike" feeling with solid in the empty space. In the picture that looks like chaos, it is to exist actually a lot of different, the level of actual and imaginary of gradual change, let the artistic conception of infinite interest be hidden in the picture of a simple profusion. This kind of shooting method, need to pay attention to the appropriate relationship between primary and secondary, do not let the front or back of the subject background too empty, the use of appropriate virtual and real combined with aperture control experience, plus the transmission effect of backlight, the presentation of the photo will be more attractive.

Timing of flower photography

The shooting time of flowers also needs to pay attention. For example, in the morning, some flowers will open, such as the lotus; Some flowers will close after noon, such as lotus; Epiphyllum will only show at night; Some flowers close when the sun shines directly on them. So first to some common flowers to do a simple understanding is necessary.

In the early morning, when the sun just rose, the Angle of the light is low, a line of warm sunlight through the tea leaves hit the lotus, and no sunlight or a dark place. The lotus that is illuminated by sunshine, the color temperature of the light is lower, and the shadow place that does not have to be illuminated, color temperature is higher, can use the intense contrast of light and shade, color to show lotus is pure simple sense and the atmosphere of life. In addition to the common sense introduced above, the best time to choose for flower shooting is as follows:

A cloudy day

After the cloud covers the sun, the shadow is softer, the bright color of the flowers will not be dazzling direct sunlight to dilute. So, cloudy day is a flower

Morning and evening

If shooting on a sunny day, try to choose morning and dusk. Take advantage of this time of light, choose the long lens shooting technique, as long as you stand in the position of the flower backlight, you can borrow the very magnificent (of course, also limited) background light to shoot.

Soon after the rain

This is a very magical moment for flower photography, because the sky is shaded by clouds and the flowers are still covered with rain. Of course, to protect the camera and yourself, try to avoid shooting when it's raining. But if you have a macro lens after the rain, frames for canvas this time to take pictures with it will have an amazing effect. When you're shooting, don't forget to take pictures of the rain drops on the leaves and stems as well, which will bring out the color and tenderness of the flowers.

6th Feb 2020

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