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​4 children's photography tips


4 children's photography tips

Dote on parents to the child is born. Nearby there is a lot of friends like: why they initially buy SLR is want to son photos, recording their growth process. Then open the floodgates became today's photography enthusiasts. Let's parse this work together behind the creative skills.

1. According to the age discrimination

In the face of children of different ages have different coping styles. For the younger baby, parents need to take the initiative to mobilize their emotions. Such as using toys, making a face, let them laugh. Such clap a photo often can reflect children the loveliest one side.

And when the children grow up some, they begin to have their own desire. We don't need to use a variety of ways, as when I was a child often make them laugh, but let them free play. Such as giving them a delicious Popsicle, make them happy, then the children naturally released a lovely nature,

Because parents filming location of children tend to be at home, so for the high sensitivity of the camera image quality request is higher. , we see the photos of the authors use models including EOS 6 d and EOS 5 d Mark Ⅲ full-frame camera, etc. This is because the whole picture has larger CMOS camera, so to ensure the while will be more pixels, has low pixel density, so that in the case of low illumination and high sensitivity, also can get high quality photos, very sensitive.

2. Snap in the distance

Hide to snap in the distance is a good way to a record of children's natural state. Because the distance is too close, children may have a sense of fear of the lens. And in the case of them imperceptibly lens, tend to the life of a show, then press the shutter, take a successful work becomes easy.

3. To use big aperture

Can we not worry when children were taken in the use of large aperture and close-up? This is because the child's skin is the best time in my life. While the use of large aperture lens can use shallow depth of field effect to children's lovely face and the best skin texture show incisively and vividly. Have fantastic blur effect at the same time, reflect good administrative levels.

4 children's photography tips

Due to the full format cameras can better reflect the effect of background blur, so we see, such as EOS 5 d Mark Ⅲ equipment such as filming children users is very much work. When purchasing a camera to see if there are more adequate budget, are recommended to obtain a frame body, achieve the "one pace reaches the designated position".

4. Take pictures with friends or parents

In with friends or parents, children often feel a strong sense of security, so as to reveal the most real and natural. At the same time, such photos due to the element embodies the friendship or affection, tend to have more connotation, also more lively and interesting.