​6 practical mobile photography tips

​6 practical mobile photography tips

Mobile photography is becoming more and more popular, canvas prints and now mobile phones are more and more pixelated, everyone can pick up a mobile phone to take a photo, but if we know a little photography skills, or can get better photos. This article details six mobile phone photography tips to help you take more beautiful photos.

1. Keep a clear focus

Most smartphones have been in the hands of their owners for a long time, canvas prints online which could lead to the phone's camera being covered in fingerprints. A useful habit is to clean your lens quickly before taking a picture, so that there are no spots, dirt, or spots. This may sound like a very simple tip, but it's the one thing that will have the most impact on getting a clear picture.

2. Use manual focus to take photos

Even if you make sure your lenses are clean and free of camera shake, large canvas prints sometimes photos can look a little wrong. One possible reason is that your phone isn't paying attention in the right place. You can set the focus manually. You just click on the phone screen while you are shooting. When you click, you can see the outline of the yellow square and place it in the area you want to focus on.

3. Use the blur technique

At present, the blur mode of mobile phone has been very useful, if you master certain skills, you can easily achieve the effect of shallow depth of field blur. For example, when your subject is relatively small, you can shoot closer to the focus, and if your subject is large, you need to shoot farther away. The advantage of a blurry image is that it accentuates the subject and weakens the background.

4. Open grid lines to take photos

Composition is very important when you're taking a picture with your phone, whether it's a thirds, diagonals, or even the golden ratio, but with any composition, the first thing you need to know is where the line is. Then you can open the cell phone's grid line to take a picture, and each picture will be divided into nine equal parts by two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. The important elements in the photo should be placed at the intersection of these lines or along them.

6 practical mobile photography tips

5. Use the volume button to take sharper pictures

Camera shake often leads to blurry photos, which is a situation you won't be happy in your photos. Especially when you're taking a selfie, it's hard to hit the shutter button of your camera to take a picture. Then you can use the volume button on the phone to take pictures.

6. The more angles you shoot, the better

No piece of beautiful work can be easily photographed. Photography requires practice, and no amount of theoretical knowledge is enough. So we must learn to be good at observation, have the courage to try, in different angles, environment, light to show what they want to express. Not only should you learn to shoot from multiple angles at the same scenic spot, but you should also properly discover the differences of each landscape. This will help you create more creative pictures and make your pictures more unique.

Nowadays, people have stepped into the era of national photography, floating canvas frame and mobile phone is an indispensable shooting tool in our daily life. I hope the 6 mobile photography tips shared above can help those who love mobile photography to take more beautiful photos. If you have good photos, please feel free to share them with us.

5th Jan 2021

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