​6 ways to get a great silhouette

When shooting backlighting photos, we usually turn on the flash or increase the exposure to restore the subject's brightness. There are a few tricks to making a great silhouette, canvas prints so let's take a look at some of the key points to keep in mind when making a great silhouette.

(1) Choose a clearly defined goal

Want to clap a beautiful silhouette photographs, we must to choose the main body, it is best to take some significant outline of the main body, such as portrait, bike what others a look will know that, the main body of and be careful you don't have too much overlap, cheap canvas printing or take photos will only see those black, contour loss!

(2) Do not turn on the flash

The flash is usually used to illuminate the subject or fill in the light, but when shooting a silhouette we want the subject to be underexposed, so don't turn the flash on. If you are in auto Mode, please switch to p-mode or other modes, large canvas print because the flash will normally turn on automatically in auto Mode!

(3) Find an appropriate Angle

To shoot the silhouette, we must find the right Angle, so that there is a strong light on the back of the subject and no or less light on the front. One of the easiest ways is to put the subject in front of the sun or light and make it backlit.

(4) Focus on the main body

In the first point, we need to have a clear outline of the subject, so we need to focus on the subject, so that the edge of the subject will be clear or not blurred, a beautiful silhouette appears!

6 ways to get a great silhouette

(5) Use point metering

Metering is very important in the shooting of silhouette effect. If the metering is wrong, the subject may be overexposed and cannot be photographed. You can try to set the camera to "point metering" and measure the light towards the sky or the light source behind the subject.

(6)If you use averaging...

Even if you are using a preset average metering, you can use the -ev method to underexpose the subject to form a silhouette, so you don't have to adjust the metering mode!


The silhouette effect is very easy to shoot, and very useful in the big backlight or backlight, is the students must master the shooting method, acrylic mounting online but the last reminder, the background light source and the main light difference must be large to be able to shoot a beautiful real silhouette!

11th Sep 2019

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