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7 Notes for Family Photographs


7 Notes for Family Photographs

General photographer shooting plan, photo shooting is one of the important types, small to a family of three, big family in a decade or two. In this genre, what techniques should be used? In this sort out some for your reference, whether professional or not, love photography friends can try to shoot self-help family photos.

Families want to present a style, need to communicate with my family in advance.

No matter what kind of subject matter, communication is very important, for family portrait photography. As a photographer, must take the initiative to go to understand the needs of the family, such as family is to commemorate any special things to family photos? What special style they want to present? Of what's the special occasion? What is the special scene to shoot? Maybe they no idea at the beginning, but the photographer can guide them through communication, good shooting ideas may be in the process.

Constraints on clothing

Reverse the established thinking, the general family film is a great idea.

Some family members may asked his family to wear a so-called "parent-child outfit", sometimes in order to render a style or make the picture unity, as a photographer I hope family don't have too much bouncing color on clothes, this also need to be a part of the communication. Sometimes if the rules are too strict, I'm afraid I will cause the family family's internal squabbles, like someone is not willing to cooperate with the clothes, which is likely to affect the subject's emotions. (At: such as making a face? Maybe you can try according to different color clothes to the family on the arrangement of the proposal, let different family members can have more choice, are able to build a harmonious picture at the same time, also can wear out their own style.

7 Notes for Family Photographs

The arrangement of the shooting time

If there are children in the subject, should know about their work and rest time is convenient for a better shot. If there are three children under the age of the subject, may need to pay attention to the time they take a nap or drink milk, then consider whether or not to avoid or drink milk before and after the time before taking a nap, so as to avoid children emotionally unstable. If it is to set out, should avoid the sunlight intense noon, can choose three hours before sunrise or after sunset, the light effect is good.

Pay attention to adjust the aperture size

At ordinary times when shooting portraits, using large aperture can indeed make the attractive effect of shallow depth of field, but in many people, large aperture will make part of the face become blurred. In order to clear face, each member of the family should avoid using large aperture, can try to use the f / 8.0-13 to photograph.

Take off glasses, don't force your subject

The reflective glasses, although can cool like Conan, but can let a person can't see the eyes of the wearer. All friends in shot glasses will find reflective influential to shoot, these reflections I'm afraid I will be a part of the picture a blemish. So, is it better to remove glasses photograph? No, don't do that, a lot of the time will wear glasses is characteristic of a person, even has the potential to be a sign of a person is the most important, once take off glasses, he could no longer is the general impression of him. Therefore, photographer glance can best solve this matter, for example, using a polarizer to eliminate reflections, or the transformation location shooting angles, etc. (editor note: or do you want to give them close to prepare frames without lenses?)

Pay attention to the speed of the flash back

More than family photographs in the portrait photography, perhaps many friends will think of using the method of shoot, more than a film, and then choose a best state of all, avoid someone close their eyes. But now the high speed of the camera is stronger and stronger ability to shoot flash back inside machine speed can keep up with the speed of the camera to shoot? If it is an external flash, equipped with independent power supply, it will be less affected. So this is also when shooting issue to consider.

Mastering film and rest time

In the process of filming a moderate amount of rest, can let the photographer in front of the camera has a more natural look. Easy extreme weather when outdoor filming, a shooting time don't last long, pay attention to the state observers of people, let them rest in time, otherwise the sun red face, full head big sweat in appearance, or because of the problem such as a full bladder is thirsty of strange expression, I'm afraid that will affect the image quality