​7 tips to capture magical cloud photos

​7 tips to capture magical cloud photos

In landscape photography, canvas prints some special elements in the natural environment are often taken to add points to the image. Among them, cloud is the most popular one, which can easily achieve an immediate and obvious effect. However, some skills and methods must be mastered in the process, so as to obtain satisfactory image works.

Clouds not only enhance the beauty and balance of scenery, online canvas but also make use of different images of clouds to express the seasons and climate of scenery. For example, thin floating clouds in spring morning, layer clouds in summer, beautiful fish-scale clouds in autumn and sparse striped clouds in early winter; The sea of clouds in the morning, the colorful clouds in the evening, the sunny clouds, the fiery clouds before the typhoon and the clouds about to come... Even though the scene itself has no obvious feature of time, because of the clouds in the scene, the season and climate can be known from the image of the clouds.

Observe it and make good use of it

Clouds are very diverse. We use white clouds to foil scenery, canvas paintings gold coast but also pay attention to whether the image of white clouds and scenery line. For example, if there is a landscape with significant horizontal stripes, the cloud of horizontal stripes should not be used as a foil, otherwise the picture will produce too many horizontal stripes, resulting in a rigid picture and no change in the line. For example, white clouds with the same size as the subject of the scene will also cause the separation of the subject and the subject in the picture.

7 tips to capture magical cloud photos

Therefore, as background scenery of the white clouds, we must pay attention to its image, and to have a distinct proportion with the main body, so as to make the picture vivid and touching. Secondly, there is no deep level of white clouds, not suitable for any scenery foil, more unfavorable as the main body, the general level of more white clouds are produced in the morning or afternoon when the sun oblique. Therefore, shooting the scenery in the slanting sunlight is the best way to use the white clouds in the sky as the lining. The image of the cloud is changing with the wind, we have to grasp the timing, more patience, to get a good picture of the cloud. But when shooting should pay attention to the use of filters, such as when shooting color had better add polarizer, black and white photography is more yellow, orange filter with.

Sunset photography

Sunset is in the evening, due to less moisture in the evening space, so the sunset is often thinner than the morning mist. If sunset scenery is shot by sunset, the atmosphere of sunset can be shown in distant scenery. If sunset scenery is shot by backlight, the place with sunset scenery can be like morning fog scenery, showing the light level of scenery. But the backlight irradiate in the sunset scenery, because there is no rosy atmosphere near the scene is easy to be affected by the brightness of the distant sunset scenery and the exposure is insufficient. Therefore, if the subject is the nearby scenery, it is better to take the nearby as the measuring standard.

10th Jun 2019

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