​A comprehensive explanation of children's photography techniques

​A comprehensive explanation of children's photography techniques

Here, canvas prints to bring you a comprehensive children's photography techniques and children's photography precautions, so that children can not only take a lovely picture, but also happy to play.

Techniques for getting children into the zone

Children are guided to film by others

The state of children is easily influenced by others. Under the guidance of others, canvas au their emotions, line of sight and attention can be mobilized to different degrees to obtain the natural picture effect. For example, parents, elders and so on in the side to do all kinds of action to attract the child's attention, make the child laugh, etc., in short, as long as the transfer of the child's attention to the camera to achieve the purpose.

Shoot by calling the baby's name

When photographing a baby, acrylic mounted photos in order to guide his/her attention to the direction of the photographer's lens, the baby often calls his/her name when he/she is having the most fun, and the baby's response will make the picture appear very relaxed and natural. When photographing babies, photographers need to observe their every move all the time, who knows which moment will show their most relaxed and natural expression, at the same time, photographers also need to have a stable, accurate and fast shooting quality.

Keep the kids busy before shooting

Most children like moving moment of, "something to do" is their most satisfied, so might as well make them move things or take before shooting toys, can also give them some novelty items for them, make them busy distract children of lens, the children might show surprising good state.

Shoot naturally

For children's photography, can take their play in laughter, and even cry natural moment, rather than he laughed a command, or will hand in what position, in addition to professional models, the requirement for the vast majority of adults will make its nervous, let alone innocent children, so let it be suitable for the filming of the children. Even if you really need to get them to smile or make a special gesture, it's important to use indirect guidance and let them do it from the heart and naturally, so that the pictures are the most authentic and powerful.

In addition, to avoid making children nervous when they see someone take a picture of them, it is best to use a telephoto lens, so as to take the most natural pictures without affecting them as much as possible. This is similar to adult portraits, except that children are more sensitive and therefore have a greater need for telephoto lenses -- which, of course, can be overcome if your child can completely ignore you.

It's worth recording

Capture the moment when the child is most real

Immersed in a mood of the child is the "true", the mood can be positive, also can be negative, such as play laugh, pie mouth cry when wronged, etc., are all very natural, authentic moment, as a photographer, to capture the moment, really must constantly pay attention to the child's face, take advantage of the best moments. Some parents and photographers in order to show the image of good children, deliberately designed children's posture and expression, little imagine that such photos cannot fully reflect the child's personality and traits.

Shoot with the help of cute props

Children's photography attaches great importance to the use of props, which can attract children's attention and make them show a more natural and real side. A lot of random things in life, as long as it conforms to the interests of children, can become lovely props, photos taken out of the more interesting.

Take close-up shots of children's innocent faces

Children's expressions are always very natural and rich, usually children's bright and clear eyes, delicate and smooth skin, etc. are worth the photographer's time and energy to express, and because of this, and children’s delicate face has become one of the most favorite subjects for many photographers. Choose to shoot in the outdoor light or scattered light conditions, so that it’s smooth, delicate skin to get better presentation. Composition can be in the form of close-up.

Photograph the emotional world of childhood that deserves to be treasured

Children's photography is very important for the expression of emotions. Children will behave more naturally when they are with family or familiar friends, and their lively, lively and lovely temperament will be more motivated. At the same time, the inclusion of family or friends will make the picture more memorable. The emotional description between children and their parents, siblings and playmates often gives people a warm and beautiful feeling, which is one of the most favorite subjects for photographers.

Because the subject has changed from one to two or more people, sometimes may be a person's face is very good, but others are not in the state, so want to seize the right moment, you need a photographer with enough patience and keen eye, at the same time, can also be appropriate to mobilize and guide the subject, but don't too hard, clear, so as not to cause tension in the subject.

Photograph happy children at play

Children's photography emphasizes nature and vivid expression, which can be easily captured during children's play. The most natural and wonderful picture can be obtained by incorporating the happy appearance of the children playing in the camera, and at the same time make the picture more memorable.

Photograph the cute bodies of young children

In addition to showing children's rich expressions, their diverse body languages are also very pattable, including conscious pointing and pointing, as well as unconscious body movements.

Shoot the quiet cute baby

When the baby is in a trance or falls asleep for a short time, the expression will appear unusually relaxed and natural. If the photographer can make good use of this period of time, the difficulty of shooting can be greatly reduced, and it is easy to capture the quiet and clever look of the child.

Use the temptation of food to show your child's cute eating habits

Food is a great temptation for children. Children's favorite food can be used to arouse their interest, so as to photograph children's interesting and lovely food. But need to pay attention to is, the younger the children eat more ugly, the photographer should pay attention to let the usher wipe their mouth and face at any time, especially pay attention not to dirty clothes.

Use the interaction between pets and children to make interesting pictures

Family pets are great playmates for kids, and don't forget them when taking pictures of your kids. They are perfectly qualified to be an excellent, living prop. When shooting, children can be with their dogs, cats and other pets, so that the child is not only very relaxed, but also feel very funny, even forget the presence of the camera, at this time can capture the child and the pet interaction interesting picture.

The use of plot to infect people

Children can be photographed with panoramic scenes, and the objects and surrounding environment can be clearly incorporated into the picture, which is favorable for presenting the scene of plot expression. Recording the development process of things can make the audience have an immersive resonance, and the picture with plot expression is more likely to infect people. When shooting according to this scene, it is better to use a zoom lens. The zoom lens solves the problem that we have to follow the hyperactive children when shooting, and it can also minimize the interference to the subject, so as to present the most natural side.

Use your imagination to take pictures that add variety to the picture

If a group of photography works are invariable, then a good work to see for a long time will be tired of watching, like eating more delicacies, occasionally eat some vegetables and fruits feel good. Just like a book or a movie, there needs to be a transition between the preceding and the following. Funny stories will always be interspersed with some touching scenes, or occasionally interspersed with some light clips in a work that is mainly moving, which will also make people feel surprised. If the photographer can learn from this experience, when the full play of imagination and creative shooting, shooting the picture will be much more interesting.

Use concise picture better outstanding child is local

In photographic composition, simplicity is the most basic requirement. Whether the intention of the subject can be conveyed is a prerequisite for the success of a photographic work, while simple composition can effectively highlight the subject, thus strengthening the theme. When shooting a portrait with simple composition, the photographer can not only get the picture effect with small depth of field and prominent subject by using a telephoto lens or a large aperture, but also exclude the background that interferes with the subject of the picture from the picture to achieve the purpose of highlighting the local characteristics of children.

A comprehensive explanation of children's photography techniques

Pose for fun

Usually, adults are photographed by posing. Many parents, in order to capture the "cute" picture of their children, also ask their children to pose in a procedural and rigid way, but all end up with their children crying and not cooperating. In fact, as long as the proper guidance, children can use posed, posed to facilitate photographer easier, better control of the environment, but should pay attention to avoid the mechanical pendulum clap, can according to the environment, props and flexibly arranged some interesting place, still can let the children joined in, on such a child in one of the expressions and status will be more natural.

Use close-up to show the child's innocent eyes

Children's eyes are always innocent, so they should be taken as the focus of expression in the shooting of children. Close-up is optional in composition. In the shooting should also pay attention to look for eye light, that is, the eyes on the high-light reflective highlights, eyes with eye light looks more energetic. If the light source is bright, the eye light can be seen and captured at the right Angle. If the light source is weak, you can use a reflector or soft light box to fill the eyes, so as to form a bright eye light.

Change the shooting Angle at any time to record every wonderful moment of the child

Children's photography is slightly different from other portrait photography. For adults, standing photography is a normal horizontal Angle, while for children, aluminium plate printing it becomes a vertical Angle. Therefore, the shooting height and perspective should be adjusted at any time to obtain wonderful shooting effects. For example, when shooting children from a bird's eye view, the surrounding environment can be appropriately incorporated into the picture to highlight the cute petite children.

15th Mar 2019

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