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​A few tricks make portraits more attractive


A few tricks make portraits more attractive

When it comes to portraits, there are a few sets of works that draw out from the eye. So how do you get a set of features? Taken in much more experience, there are many ways to make your portrait the sense that gives a person shine at the moment, hope in you, the next time you're photographing people come in handy

Take a close-up of your body

Just how do you get people to do it all? Sometimes, the local performance of the character is more attractive to the reader, not only to detonate the reader's imagination, but also to the emotional expression. When shooting a portrait, try a close-up of the body part of the model.

But local features, not only is close to the shot so simple: if you want to take your lips, need to apply appropriate lipstick, in to bring some sexy photos at the same time, still can rise to mention color effect; If you want to take a photo of your eyes, you can also get the model to wear the eye contact with the eye, and it will have a different effect.

A few tricks make portraits more attractive

Change an Angle

A lot of times, photographing people, they're used to shooting from a fixed perspective, and there's a kind of people who come back and look like they're pretty much the same. May be, you just need to change a point of view, from the side to the back, from leaning back are rare, there are a lot of you have not found the point of view of them can bring fresh and pleasant surprise.

Pose to make the picture fuller

Pose is also a part of the language of the picture, a good pose that allows the reader to understand what the model is doing and even to convey the theme of the work. At the same time, there are a variety of different poses, some can make the picture look very full, and some can make the picture "move"...

How to play the light and shadow

Photography is the art of light and shadow, the control of light and shadow can make the portrait photography more colorful, some of the light and shadow can cover the excess clutter; the main body is very prominent. Some can use other items on body parts to make a tattoo like a tattoo... Shadow form of expression have a lot of kinds, at the time of photographing people, can be aware of where there is a beautiful light and shadow, or how to use props to create beautiful light and shadow.

Embed the most appropriate tone for the theme

A photograph, first of all to be seen in the eye, must be its color. The advanced color collocation, not only should draw the reader eyeball, but also suit the topic, can use color to infect the mood of the reader. Palette of capability, color aesthetic, is a need to process of accumulation, in addition to the color, wants to try different combinations, still have look on the accumulation, and enhance their own color sensitivity and aesthetic level.

Bring the story to the picture

If you don't know how to design a group of portraits, start with the story and think about how you can tell a good story in the picture. You can set a theme that can be a magical fantasy, or an emotional story, and then plot it based on the subject. People who have clear themes are able to draw readers with stories that contain them. .