Adjust the white balance of the camera to produce creative hues

Adjust the white balance of the camera to produce creative hues

Adjust the white balance of the camera to produce creative hues

The white balance is used to match the color detected by the camera, canvas prints australia the color we observe. And our brains are very good at controlling the perception of color, and in the sunny days we see the outside world is warm and bright, even though the actual light may be bluish. And under the irradiation of indoor incandescent lamp, although our eyes may be back to detect more warm color, but the camera's white balance can help us to correct these light color difference, canvas printing let we have photographed photos look more "natural".

Basically we will not go back more deliberately to adjust the camera's White Balance Settings, but simply the use of the camera's automatic White Balance (AWB, Auto White Balance) function to allow the camera to determine which White Balance.

In the later software Light room, white balance slider may be a lot of people are not so seriously, often simply adjust to make photos of tonal more accord with the actual sense, but if the white balance Settings as a creative tool, may help you faster to adjust a more creative and tonal.

Adjust the white balance of the camera to produce creative hues

In fact, the change of white balance can change the nature of your photos and even make the weather and time in the photos change.

Several hundred to several thousand color temperature changes can produce amazing images, make the image, when using lower color temperature, screen slants cold, more in line with the view of the winter cold, when increase the color temperature, warming, as if a storm is coming before the evening.

Late software allows us to need not cling to a color temperature, and can be adjusted respectively according to the different areas in the image, generally in the use of Adobe Light room do later, can be used to adjust the brush features selected one of the areas to adjust alone.

White balance in black and white photography

Although we believe that the white balance is which is closely linked with the color but in reality the white balance in the black and white photography can still play an important role, it can make final presents different grayscale images. Due to the contrast of color temperature in black and white photography may seem not so obvious, you in the later stage of the black and white photography; you need a wide range of color temperature adjustment slider to choose their own want to get the results.

Late in the end, the white balance adjustment is a creative tool, if you like the real color, glass print most of the time to use the camera's automatic white balance is enough, if you want to do more change for their work, may wish to try to adjust the color temperature. Color has color psychology, different color temperature corresponding tonal also can express cameraman's intention. Use the white balance to make your work more outstanding.

11th Apr 2018

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