Capture the beautiful colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset

Capture the beautiful colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset

There are a variety of different expressions, canvas prints often the earth was the change in the sky, there are thousands of combinations, the most common from sunrise or sunset, when the sun's rays reflected by clouds, produced by the yellow, orange, red, purple color, add structures change, often can shape an impressive don't have beautiful colors, the following will tell you how to capture these pictures!

Take pictures of warm colors

When the sun goes down, canvas prints australia the sky will be a warm scene, the sky clouds are dyed into the color of fire; If you happen to be near the sea, the water will be colored in layers. Looking through the viewing window of a monocular camera, you will find that the whole picture is full of rich warm colors. So, how to leave a wonderful image at the moment?

Shooting this magnificent spectacle, the wide-angle lens is a useful weapon to bring out the sense of extension of the broad horizon. A small aperture can widen the depth of field, so that each scene of the picture remains clear. The nearby coast and tourists, the birds in the air and the distant buildings are as delicate as the sky. To highlight the warmth of the sunset, set the white balance to auto or daylight mode. Do not adjust the sensitivity, because the higher sensitivity will bring more noise, should try to avoid losing the picture details. At this point, if necessary, consider using a tripod to prevent blurring of the image due to a slow shutter speed, and tripod to allow us to compose more leisurely.

Capture the beautiful colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset

The sun

The sun is at its best in the early morning and evening. The early morning sun may shine because of the fog. If it is a heavy rain at dusk, the sky is likely to appear rosy clouds. The most beautiful locations are usually in vast places, such as the desert, the sea, the top of a mountain, etc. Sea sunrise and sunset will have water waves and the background of the passing ships, the color changes quickly, showing the impressionist style. The sunrise and sunset of high mountains are usually accompanied by dense clouds and birds, which add a bit of mystery.

Since you're shooting the sky and the sun, the cameras built-in exposure calculations don't play a big role, and landscapes that look good to the naked eye can be very bad. Have a method, the camera at the sky first half press the shutter, the camera will show just landscape window can see the scenery of the exposure value, so it can get the perfect sun exposure, the half press the shutter, move the camera to recompose, when all the scenery looks good to press the shutter, giant canvas prints the accurate exposure to capture the perfect scenery.

21st May 2020

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