​Combination of color lines to capture characteristic urban architecture

​Combination of color lines to capture characteristic urban architecture

Simple composition, light and shadow have been able to bring out a special taste, canvas prints after taking a lot of portraits, landscapes and other photos, have a try to use color and line combination to take artistic urban architecture photos! Check out these tips!

(a) Monotone creates a sense of art

1. Look for geometric lines or textures

Whether man-made or not, the world is full of lines or textures, canvas prints online as long as you carefully look around, there will always be one or two places worth photographing, open your "photography eye"!

Look for interesting lights and shadows

Try to find some special light source, such as a lamp or candle, and find out the shadow it casts.

3. Use color to bring out the atmosphere

While shooting, don't be anxious to mix colors. Even if we have shot color photos, we can also adjust the appropriate colors to match the atmosphere in Photoshop. Try the following steps:

(2) Cultivating photographic eyes with geometric lines

1. Open the camera and look for lines and patterns

Buildings are a good subject. It doesn't move and has many different types of lines, large canvas prints geometric patterns, etc. It's a great place for novice photographers to train their "photographic eyes"!

By photographing buildings, you can be bold enough to find interesting images. Start from different angles! Try to look up, the space between window and window also is a "geometrical design", and window itself also has its line, such already is a beautiful picture!

Pay attention to the light

Buildings don't move, so the light in the morning will be different from the light in the afternoon. You can start with a building you normally walk through, watch the light change at different times of day, and find the most beautiful moments to photograph.

3. Black and white highlights lines

Try turning your photos into black and white. This will make the lines more prominent and more intense. It is recommended to use Photoshop CS5 or above to open the photo and go to Image>Adjustment>Black and White to adjust different colors to make your Black and White photo more attractive!

(3) Special light and shadow effect from a special Angle

1. Get a special Angle

If you often take pictures of a building from a distance, it's easy to make it look ordinary. Try to find a special Angle from far away to near.

2. Use reflective surfaces to add creativity

Many modern buildings also have reflective glass exterior walls, make good use of this reflective surface, the blue sky and white clouds are also photographed to create a unique picture, please remove CPL filter at this time, so as not to affect the reflective effect.

Good shoot subject is everywhere, can shoot the photograph that issues individual style to see your "photograph eye" whether is trained! Even if you don't have a camera, you should always practice finding out what you can shoot, and in time you will improve.

(4) Making use of insufficient light to shoot low-light works

Sometimes in a city or weather with poor air quality, it is often smoggy. Try taking a low-light photo and turn these disadvantages into advantages.

1. Take a low-key Photo

Low light photography is mainly to reduce the exposure of the photo, and take some of the dark color photos, try to avoid the amount of light and light color of the main body. When the air is bad this can create a different smell.

2. Use gradient gray filter to balance light difference

Because you want to lower the brightness of the image a bit, the ground will be darker when you shoot it directly, so you need to use a gradient gray filter to balance the difference between the sky and the ground to reveal more details of the ground.

3. Reinforce the contrast

Because of the smoke or suspended particles in the air, we can enhance the contrast a bit in camera Settings or later to make the photos more "solid."

Combination of color lines to capture characteristic urban architecture1

(5) Use the car track to set off the night building

Combination of color lines to shoot the characteristics of urban architecture

In a busy city like Shanghai, there are so many people and cars that even at night the lights are still on. We can take a picture like this one.

1. Shoot highlights of the tracks

To take a picture of the track, we can generally use m-mode, with the aperture turned down, the ISO lowered, the shutter lengthened and mounted on a solid tripod. It is better to use the shutter release as the B shutter, and then use the black card to help repeat the exposure to make the track denser.

2. Local lightening/dimming techniques

Do you see that the tall buildings in the photo are darker, making the footbridges and tracks more prominent? In fact, we can use the Dodge tool and Burn tool in Photoshop to fine-tune the parts of the photo, which can enhance the effect and still preserve the nature!

(vi) Sci-fi color photography of urban architecture

It may seem like a tough job for a beginner, but with a little skill or two, you can make beautiful sci-fi shots! Now see how to do it!

1. Shoot at the right time

See the changing colors and clouds in the sky? There are two times in the day when such colors can be taken, namely before sunrise and after sunset (called Magic Hour). But what should note is that although the time is correct, but the sky, clouds, air, etc. also need to cooperate, it is best to shoot in the days after the sky is clear and rainy.

2. Use a tripod and black card to balance the light difference

The sky is very light compared to the ground, if the direct shooting, if the sky is too exposed, or the ground exposure is insufficient, to balance the phenomenon of the difference in light can be several methods, and "shake the black card" can be a more direct, also suggest novice to learn. To shake the black card, a tripod and a slow shutter are required, preferably with a shutter release.

One thing to note is that if you use the black card, you will have a chance to make "the dark part covering the sky cannot be bright-up". You can see the spire part of the above photo, which is different from the lower part of the light. In this way, we can use the third and later method below to remedy the problem.

3. Use the post stage to fine tune the light and dark bit

After shooting, panoramic canvas prints if you still feel that there is something to be fine-tuned; you can adjust it by using the Shadow/Highlight in Photoshop. It is recommended that you shoot the RAW file as much as possible to make more space for the later shooting.

13th Jan 2020

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