​Composition techniques for landscape photography

​Composition techniques for landscape photography

For a landscape photo, if the composition is not good, canvas prints even if the photographer has good skills cannot win the audience's applause. Improve the composition of the skills to practice, the following to introduce some composition skills, these skills to make the photographer to the composition of the picture method, so as to shoot excellent landscape photography.

First, picture balance method

Picture balance is important in landscape photography. These balances are balanced with the horizon, which fits in with the ever-expanding landscape in front of them, canvas online and with most of the landscape that people see. Horizontal lines help people with composition from one side to the other. In general, the scenery is shot with the composition structure of the foreground, middle shot and background, but it is also taken in the form of side down or top, middle or bottom. If the horizontal line is placed in the center of the picture, or the distracting elements of the composition always appear on the left and right edges of the picture, then the horizontal composition will cause some interference.

Second, blank concise method

Blank conciseness is a commonly used technique in landscape photography composition, the so-called blank one refers to the sky, floating frames australia two points to the ground. The blank in the picture is also a kind of element. If considered in this way, the blank can also form a balance with the rest of the picture. If a picture is full of scenery, it will make people suffocate.

Third, light and dark comparison

Chiaroscuro is the cornerstone of composition. In practice, people often use this method to show the chiaroscuro relationship in the landscape. In fact, a relatively good landscape works are mostly used to highlight the natural scenery with the rich picture tone, get light in the dark, dark with the rich level of light. For example, set off a bunch of small flowers with a piece of dim rock, set off a moment of birch in the vast expanse of white snow.

Fourth, cold and warm comparison method

Under the same ambient temperature, the green grassland will feel cool and cool, and the open desert will feel hot, which is a kind of psychological reaction. This psychological effect is used in the photography of color called cold and warm contrast method, using color of cold and warm contrast combination picture is a common method. For example, if a small object jumps out clearly from the background, its function in the picture will be like a prominent point. In the same way, a small piece of contrasting color will be placed into the picture to have a focusing effect. Due to the difference in the implant area, the contrast effect will also be different. The most obvious contrast effect is when the environment is in the bleak, two solid colors occupy the local picture position, and this special color contrast is particularly prominent.

Composition techniques for landscape photography

Fifth. alternate with density method

The method of alternating between density and density is a layout method to deal with the relationship between density and density in photographic composition. That is, sparse but not scattered, dense but not messy, a good picture composition must be sparse and dense, relaxation.

Sixth, the emotional release method

Some people say that how big the mind of the photographer, the scenery shot works momentum on how big, it can also be said that the photographer's feelings how deep, the release of aesthetic feelings on how broad. Because everyone's behavior is completed under the control of feelings, and in the process of managing the picture, he effectively USES various means of photographic composition to express his inner feelings.

The aesthetic nature of scenery photography makes the photographer consciously accept the edification and infection of beauty in nature, and realize the development of governance, the pleasure of the spirit, the purification of the soul, the stimulation of the emotion, the cultivation of personality, the sublimation of the thought, making the creator unforgettable in the scene of touching the soul. Because photography is a state of mind of the objective and the interaction of the phenomenon, it itself is a process, this process played a vital role in the image management, sometimes is indivisible, cannot be resolved, and once introduced rationality, in the judgement and reasoning, large canvas means that the work is successful, only in this without a bound state of mind, to create the good work.

24th Mar 2020

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