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​Eight Tips to make you become a more qualified outdoor photographer


Eight Tips to make you become a more qualified outdoor photographer

Nature in the world that we live, as if a huge creative treasure, countless painters, poets, and photographers will flow from the inexhaustible creative inspiration, and to produce numerous great works of art. For photography art, however, it seems to be different with other forms of art, because no matter how many times have been taken, the photographer always can be found in the same location and record the new things. Just a little patience, unique perspective, and some good luck, outdoor photographers is fully capable of after pressing the shutter will be our into a magical world, of course, before that, we will first of all, to master a few points to be able to become a more qualified outdoor photographer.

1. Search for the most beautiful light

Although light is light in some people's eyes, there's nothing special about it, but for a photographer, it's not true. At different times of the day, the light often has a distinct personality and characteristics, and only understand and be able to grasp the light changes and characteristics of talent to drive out of nature's most beautiful side. Typically, outdoor photographers like depending on the light shooting environment can be divided into the following categories, including the moment of light, at noon in the early morning light moment, cloudy and overcast moment moment, gold and blue. Whatever the lighting conditions, there is a unique charm. However, most of the photographer or favorite gold moment and blue moment, at a time when sunset light is downy, and at this time of image tend to have more vivid colors and contrast. In addition, these two moments are also the most suitable time for silhouette shooting.

2. Strengthen the sense of depth by increasing the outlook

Don't think that scenery photography can present the famous mountains and great rivers in the picture, only when duly composition to join characters or objects such as traffic tools as a prospect, not only can bring greater depth for images, but also can make could have been a bit tedious landscape according to coruscate gives different life. In addition, these elements can also play a role in guiding the viewer to achieve and render the contrast effect.

3. Flexible use of various natural and artificial reflections

If you are a photography enthusiast who has just been exposed to outdoor photography, you may miss the importance of reflection in the shooting process. Like a reflection lake such natural reflection, or by man-made objects such as Windows, mirrors reflection, if can appropriately applies in the middle of the landscapes, which will work for you. For example, in order to introduce reflections in the image, some outdoor photographers even park their cars in a specific location and take the scene from the mirror of the car. As for reflection in the natural environment, if you are lucky enough to encounter a calm surface, the symmetrical natural landscape will have a visual impact.

Eight Tips to make you become a more qualified outdoor photographer

4. Look at the world from a different perspective

Have to say that human is a kind of with such creatures of habit, we always like to find a belong to their own comfort zone, once found, reluctant to seek new breakthroughs and challenges, so that the final bound which lost the original creativity. The same applies to photographers, and we tend to see the world in a different way. To rekindle the spark of creativity, as outdoor photographer we shouldn't forget to keep trying and transform perspective, and to enhance the diversity of work, sometimes we even want to do for this dirty clothes and prone on the ground with a low Angle shot, or place to focus on the vision to others. Once you've learned to look for different ways of performing before you start shooting, you'll find that you can always see more of the same scenery than others.

5. Don't forget to look at the camera bag

If you're a typical travel photographer, you'll probably have a set of your own devices in your camera bag, and take them every time you go out. If that's the case, try taking a few different gear before you go out to see what other equipment can be used outside the camera bag. For example, install a fish-eye lens or ultra wide Angle lens, or take a tripod to try long exposure. One of the joys of being an outdoor photographer is to make more creative shoots by changing the equipment.

6. It's also a good idea to order artificial light at the right time

Although natural lighting conditions are particularly important for photographing landscapes, don't put your hands on it. It's just getting dark and ready to close. If this is not enough, take out a flashlight or headlamp that can be lit and use artificial light to fill the natural scene. Ideally, you can have a close friend who will help you shine, which will make you more efficient.

7. Draw inspiration from the night sky

Even without help, help sunset sky will still be able to provide us with the creation of the huge space, galaxies, stars and even aurora, gorgeous much appearance than the day of the night sky is more so. Some photographers like to use big aperture wide-angle lens and a tripod, and pushed the fuselage ISO to capture the Milky Way of stars, while others tend to reduce the ISO as possible low shutter speed to render the charm of orbital. No matter what subjects tend to shoot, the first thing we have to do is as far as possible away from the city to reducing light pollution to a minimum, in addition to this, taken the night sky for the photographer's own technology and equipment requirements are more demanding than during the day. Of course, if it's hard to avoid light pollution, it's also a good idea to shoot a colorful sky before sunset.