Flower photography tips

Flower photography tips

Flower photography is also one of the most common subjects, and it is also the easiest subject for photography. Different flowers have different beauty, and people are willing to enjoy the flowers and are willing to freeze it in the picture. This paper has brought some tips for flower photography, so we can learn it together!

A hundred micro lenses, a virtual background, enhanced details.

This is a small shot of hay, and it's interesting to see a little bee flying in the air. Using a macro lens difficulty is bigger, because the macro lens depth of field in the case of large aperture is very narrow and taken in the wild, everything dancing with wind, so asked to compare fast. For example, when shooting a macro, take the shooting time of 1/1000s, and turn the aperture to the maximum, so as to ensure the maximization of the background.

Flower photography tips

When I was photographing flowers, I preferred black and white shooting. However, not all flowers are suitable for black and white, because some flowers do not vary in brightness. The edge of the flower is not so unique.

And in the process of photographing flowers, I prefer to observe its light and shadow changes. One of the images, taken with a 100 macro lens, focuses on the tip of the flower, so its focus is particularly narrow. At this point, the photographer's choice of focus should be tested, and the flowers should not be shaken in the wind. If you look closely at the center of the flower, you will find that there are flowers in the flowers, and there are many filaments, pollen, etc., and you will find a world that is very different from the ordinary ones.

Highlight the foreground and highlight the details.

The work was taken indoors, but it was taken outdoors. Indoor flowers are not very high in lighting requirements, and a relatively spacious window with natural light is perfect. Flowers light way and portrait is relatively similar, one kind is the backlight, shows the maximum range of shape and outline, photographing can adequately tiny flowers hairy edge.

Work for a little bit do change becomes the backlight, vase itself has a certain forms of aesthetic feeling, plus outside pick wild flowers, flowers, vases, therefore things from three aspects of this table can be expressed. But only in the backlight, the color of the petals will be rendered best; in the light, the part of the petals is difficult to create a sense of permeability.

The same bunch of flowers, this one USES a black background, but it's not made of black cloth, it's determined by relative brightness. If enough light is shining on the flowers and vases, it naturally becomes dark or dark gray relative to the distant dark background.

And this is the background that does not cause any disruption to the foreground, and it serves as a foil to the future. So I will use a peculator point when metering for metering, highlights the possibility in the far right, if caught at a certain exposure, however, both at the same time, let the flower color and shape after the perfect present, basically this photo exposure do not need to worry about. Try to understand the connection between light and the objects you need to photograph.

Take advantage of the lens to find the world in detail.

The ability to find details is so important that most people don't pay attention to detail when they look at the flowers, but they produce a lot of shapes. For example, within five kilometers, it is all the same flowers, but the real personality is only reflected in the details.

A real personality is done in a long period of, if want to make his work have recognition, to gradually transition from wide Angle to telephoto range; this is a look at the process of growth.

When shooting the details, you need to look at the shape of the flowers. When I shoot flowers myself, I prefer to limit myself to a limited range. I don't need much content. What I need to do is focus on the same flower and analyzes its shape and characteristics.

Flower photography tips1

Shoot flowers like a portrait.

Such a single flower in the context of a clean shoot can be found that the light from its top dozen come over, on the surface of the petals exposure, background only central area is a little brightness at the same time, this is a clean background. In this case, it is the same operation as shooting a portrait. If you look at it in a different way, and look at the floral reference, you'll start to think about whether it's the bust, the small body, or the whole body.

And can also be a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role to photograph has been open the withered branches of flowers, and even to shoot a small tip, when you use a macro or micro to film, some minor details like the skin can be taken out, will feel as if I had opened the door in the new world.

The landscape and flowers are photographed together.

While filming the flowers, I'll take two lenses, one of the lens is wide Angle lens, in order to give the whole scene to shoot down, took an environment and the way of combining flowers, like flowers in the picture have a very good ornament.

Each flower has its own line.

Hang down the golden bell flowers. I want to put the parts of the stamens in the light, let the bright background to foil the stamens. And flower of light just is in area part of the circle of light, dark space part is a cool color and warm color and white flowers, so in a painting, brightness, color, shape, interact with each other.

The impact of a single flower must be much better than shooting a bunch of disordered flowers, so try to find a clean background while filming. The use of large aperture setting is natural to make the background brief, but if you want to pursue the ultimate simplicity, you will need to find a more concise background.

How do you find a simple background? Create a clean background and bring yourself a solid color or a clean wall. Look for the sky as the background, the sky will not show too many colors.

My work is a branch of magnolia, found on the edge of the wall, which has a relatively clean form and is in a horizontal frame. Behind the wall there are some shading changes that make up the background? Light and shadow add foreground flowers, achieve a certain degree of integration, and also present a certain painting meaning in the inside.

14th Mar 2018

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