​Four cases where high ISO can be used

​Four cases where high ISO can be used

Most of the time, people will tell you to use low sensitivity when taking photos, otherwise the photos will be noisy. There's nothing wrong with that, canvas prints but you need to use high sensitivity to make a good picture in the following situations. Many people will know that high ISO will bring high noise. If the noise reduction effect of the camera itself is not good, or if the sensor is small (like DC, aps-c type), the noise will be more obvious when using high ISO, then whether "using high ISO" is like a crime, should be avoided all the time? Of course not! Now let's take a look at 4 cases that can make good use of high ISO!

1. When photographing a sport, car, pet, or even a bird, canvas prints online the subject may be moving very fast, and even with a large aperture, the ambient light may not be able to provide you with a fast shutter speed (maybe 1/8000s!). , this is the most convenient way to improve ISO! ISO also allows you to keep your aperture down to the maximum, which not only maintains a certain depth of field, but also improves the quality of your photo.

2. When taking pictures of the stars

In the evening shooting, many students will recognize qiao xue jacket bracket, aperture can be closed not only small, ISO can also be set to the lowest, floating frames canvas prints let the shutter has been open to expose it. This is fine for still photos, but when shooting stars, if the shutter length is extended, you will be able to take a picture of orbit E instead of the stars. Therefore, the shutter speed should not be too long, when you need to use a large aperture lens, but also to improve the ISO, sometimes even ISO3200 to make the stars stand out!

Four cases where high ISO can be used

Use of ISO 6400

3. When shooting in a dark environment

If you don't want to take a picture that is out of focus and blurring, the shutter speed should be higher than "safe shutter speed" (except with hand shock protection). ISO is an effective way to maintain depth of field.

Use of ISO 2560

4 When you use a telephoto lens

Necessary series camera application, if the students have read telephoto lens photography skill, this article will know when using handheld telephoto lenses, shutter speed must be fast enough, you can make the photo keep clear, ascend the ISO can effectively increase the photosensitive efficiency, large canvas keep can make when the aperture and shutter faster, so in the use of telephoto lens, using ISO800, 1600 too much.

15th Nov 2019

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