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​Freeze someone in the landscape


Freeze someone in the landscape

A time of life, there are always. It's like a bird, skimming over the water, reflecting its flying posture. Then, the handsome young face, laughing and immersed expression is a look back, fixed in climbing flowers days.

Have a photo in hand; it is in Hong Kong Ocean Park, photo 1/3 position, behind a pale woman, still smiling. The uninvited guest in the lens was not invited to take photos with me, but did not know the person who broke into the blank space of other people's lens. As long as I am willing to keep that picture for a long time, she will accompany me, framed in the scenery. Time has proved that such a person will not be with you, become a friend of each other.

It's a wonderful thing to meet someone. This episode, faithfully recorded a day in the life, two originally strange men and women, at the same time and the same place, due to the same aesthetic pursuit, with a background, choose a similar angle, light record screen, into two pass people, not about the same with each other.

Many people take pictures with certain scenes, just stretch freely look, just enter the role into play, too shallow, immediately become self-conscious, cautious.

In the era of reading pictures, the clues are read out; so many people like to see old photos. In the sea as the background, this coat is probably open, seems to hear the sea wind fluttering clothes. Your head, abdomen and chest, hands back, do not know what was going on in my mind, a focused look, facing the sea Oh laugh, laugh at the tide, but the body language conveys information.

Freeze someone in the landscape

Take the mountain as a foil, change a posture. The water fell behind in the diarrhea, the stone texture clearly visible. In the twinkling of an eye, pointing the surrounding scenery, the mood at the time: metaphor or scholar emotional, or intentionally or chest and mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.

A road with a stack of giggle and flirt, photos, showing the life look around elsewhere. It's hard to remember the memories of the pictures. The paperback version, is behind a commercial street, a building, admittedly, is that you plan to reveal the city and gorgeous, like vanity; classical version is a statue, or a temple in Guta, estimates of your character has a quiet nostalgia.

Some of the time, the picture that you are not living in is so beautiful. The moment of the synthesis of light and shadow, how can it reveal the whole of a person? People always love in many people, busy places, or by most people think is the place of scenery pictures, very few people on the road, and an ox or a sheep, the village of smoke rising, the lonely snacks TanQian Hotel doors and windows, fixed over expression.

Chinese always like to get a chance to take pictures with celebrities. In fact, most of the time, is your wishful thinking, a laughing face rub up, although the photo and your star, calm face.

Once, to Wuhan to attend a meeting, dozens of people, densely lined up in rows, a large group of people and a celebrity photo. That station third row, left eighth position, only show a head, small black point, is me. I know the celebrity photos on the celebrity but they do not know me.

Some of the pictures don't remember who took it. It was appreciated and locked into the drawer. When you are young, and the elders in the photo with less, and friend’s happy moment, the sightseeing tour, bring back a few pictures. Suddenly remembered, in addition to childhood family welfare, I have not been decades of shadow with their parents, this is a matter that should not be neglected.

Middle aged, I was secretly depressed: no longer sensitive to window saturated gorgeous color; longer pictures -- without playfulness, but no longer young.

In the past years on record, and you has a picture, close to the people, not necessarily remembered you? Shadows overlap, who and who freeze in the scenery.