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​How to beautiful portraits


How to beautiful portraits

Choose your location

This problem is to choose view of the problem, in general the selected view is the most typical representative's most distinctive scenery, everywhere to travel, and there are always one or several local landmark scenic spots, which is different from other places. Even smaller cities or small tourist sites, there is also a "unique" landscape characteristic, this requires the photographer put subject in this unique scenery point, an empty background can embody the artistic conception and effect, the clutter background is easy to let people not enough outstanding.

Choose the person position

This is the question of how people and objects can be matched. Seen quite a few photos, "visit" the characters standing position is not very appropriate, take photos of no effect, the key here is the location of the characters must be properly arrange. So the person standing in the golden partition is the best place to stand.

Grab the most brilliant expression

Find good sites, also stood in the right place, if the photographed lens flu is not very good, then fully relaxed, the photographer put the photographed this time tell a joke, or do a funny action can fully relax let the other side of the expression.

How to beautiful portraits

Attention to detail

Take humanities as the method, is based on their respective characteristics of natural scenery and places of interest, let the screen characters with rapt attention to appreciate the scenery, the photographer choose appropriate Angle and timing, quickly press the shutter, the feeling and expression of the full performance of the characters on the screen, this commemorative photos significance is great. Due to the natural scenery is broad, and places of historic interest in every detail is not necessarily need to enter the picture, when shooting should be elected to take some typical details or local, make it more rich artistic charm.

Get creative

"Posing" is the most popular technique for travel photography. A family outing or a group of three friends will always be in a line or line. The "go to this trip" souvenir photo, this seems to have lost the fun, can have more imagination to shoot, for example, to the friends for the modeling silhouette.

Take a couple of different first turn on the camera with a tripod, and then set up self-time, leave the best camera position, and then go into nature, add more creative ideas to photos.

Compared to those who are in the process of marching, there is a monotonous and rigid picture of the three or two, each pose and the capture. Tourism is a kind of extremely rich fun entertainment, fun is the most happy, their various factions together, the picture is more vivid and natural, strong flavor of happiness, is the key to success to a travel photos.

There are many ways of capturing the pictures, and the silhouette of the characters can be drawn from the silhouette, reflecting the rich and colorful life of tourists. A picture that is technically flawed, but is more animated, is more popular than the technology's glib and unglamorous image. Because of this photo, even after a few years, it can help remind you of the memory of a good old tourist life.