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​How to create vivid color portrait photography works


How to create vivid color portrait photography works

1, the choice of color and the main body of the complementary color background

Prior to this, we must first be familiar with some common complementary colors, which will be a great help to our actual portrait shooting. They include red and green, orange and blue, and purple and yellow. Pay attention to the relationship between color and subject background in the viewfinder, can help us better to create a good visual perception of the portrait.

When choosing a scene, we should not only focus on the composition, but also pay attention to the main colors in the scene. If you know you're going to shoot in a country garden full of yellow flowers, you'd better be able to arrange your models in a purple - colored dress. In the same way, if there are large patches of green shrubs in the scene, the models in pink or red will show better results.

2, the use of neutral tone background

The above method applies when shooting conditions can be adjusted flexibly, but in most cases we may be difficult to model to ask what kind of clothes to wear, or fashion color is rich, so the following suggestions also can help improve the performance of color film in the. This advice is to look for a flat neutral tone background. You might think that it would be more fun to have a more colorful and detailed background, but it would make the whole picture cluttered and distract the audience from the subject.

How to create vivid color portrait photography works

"Less is more" has become a classic principle of modern design and art, photography is also suitable for, too much color doesn't make pictures in the perception of better. On the contrary, the more neutral the background, the more people can focus on the pattern of clothing and accessories color.

3, the use of colorful background

Interesting place is to break the normal procedure photography, you can never understand the rules, but also can never defend rules. Although the background of the neutral tone can better highlight the main body, but this is not to say that we cannot go the other way, select a number of colorful scenes as the shooting. If our models are dressed in white, black or neutral colors, then the appropriate color of the rich background can also play a prominent role in the subject.

4, eliminate any possible interference elements

Finally, before pressing the shutter button, we need to confirm in the scope of the whole frame of any possible interference caused by things on the line of sight, especially the background part of the clean is very important, after all, we hope to be able to bring the attention of the audience firmly locked in the mannequin. If there is other exclusion background there is rubbish on the ground?? Is there a vehicle of many colors in the picture? Any discordant things we can be found in the camera viewfinder will become the interference elements in film. If the above situation, we can adjust the position of the figure in the background model until disappear or away from the subject; pick up the trash on the ground around the model. Eliminate any may interfere the things on the subject; will make the picture perception further.