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​How to find background for portrait photos


How to find background for portrait photos

In portrait photography, there is no doubt the importance of background. A clean, concise and beautiful good background, such as the spring flower field, the blue sky of summer, you literally put a POSE, is a good man: but these beautiful scenery, may meet but cannot be asked, and, after all, in the shooting, we more often encounter is not very beautiful background. Not only the United States, will be messed up photos. Let's look at an example, this Zhang Bay skirt 95 little miss life after private according to:

Flat-chester, this picture of the focus, exposure, color temperature control is good, but the clutter background, especially electric and disorderly into the passers-by eldest brother, it is too presumptuous guest usurps the host's role! To avoid this situation, the studio will have special pure color background plate, creating a clean background of pure color, but we ordinary people generally do not specifically to take photos for this thing. In the absence of background plate, how do we get a clean, concise as background? Skills you create professional portrait for you share the six background simple way, don't miss!

1. Close, focus, zooms

In many cases, we can't choose the shooting environment and place. Pictures you may have to be in a mess, for example a cluttered backyard, people travel office. Looked at these messy scene, you might have had, but don't forget, camera "see" what may be less mess, because the frame of "vision" is much less than man. You see the whole scene, not just random, it is in a mess! Again what also don't like a place that can have good shooting portraits? But if you magnify a part of the picture, focus, in the frame of "eyes" it looks would become like this:

Although still not good enough, but after all, concise, again a little later, they became half-decent pure color background. Again disorderly place, where you can find a small piece of relatively clean? Twisted zoom ring, or close to some, with the frame focus on this area. Virtual family get-togethers, for example, father holding a little girl. Looks like the picture is a mess, but if near, enlarge the girl's face; dad's clothes became the pure color background:

How to find background for portrait photos

2. The exposure control act

When background and face with high contrast, you can try to apply the exposure control, based on human face adjusting exposure, make the background underexposed or whiteout. Specific operation is very simple, to the facial spot metering. Bright background image, becomes pure; And a dark background exposure is insufficient, into a pure black. If the effect is not obvious, the late add contrast.

Is contrast high enough? Don't need too professional background plate, dark or light color clothes there is always something, such as bed sheets, hung up. Application of this method again, let the background underexposed or whiteout. Enough effect, manually adjust exposure compensation, make further black or white background. It is worth mentioning that low-end machine instead of this method is applied to success rate higher, because of lower tolerance of the low-end machine, more easy to produce the image or underexposed phenomenon.

3. The flash light method

As we all know, flash nighttime photographs, the background into a dark; In fact, this method can also be used during the day, to get the black background. Premise is that your flash light output power is strong enough, and the background from the character is not too close. Aimed at facial spot metering, it probably is this effect:

Face exposure is normal, but the background dark depends on what you adjust the flash output power, and the flash output power, the greater the background black more thoroughly. Face exposure is normal, but the background dark depends on what you adjust the flash output power, and the flash output power, the greater the background black more thoroughly. If you don't want all black background, it is more than try several different power output. Or, you can average metering to the background, lower ev degree you want dark background, lock exposure parameters; then, flash of TTL mode.

The model is in fact a flash, by calculating the reflected light to adjust the output power of the flash formally, to achieve "without change the shooting parameters subject to normal exposure" effect. Shoot out, probably is this effect - dark background, the subject more prominent: if you’re flash without TTL mode, then you will have to find other can adjust the output power of the light source to provide ~ the main body of the light

4. Large aperture, shallow depth of field

Too pure color background is too monotonous? Then open the large aperture, the bigger the better. Large aperture to a certain extent, regardless of background, will become a blur of color. This method simple and crude violence, eliminated all distractions scenery, character is very prominent; Fuzzy background color than the monotony of pure color background, known as "sugar water". As a result of this method is very effective, so it feels a bit like rotten street, use for a long time is easy to become dependent to it, too lazy to try other play, must be careful when use!

So far, we are tried to weaken the background about several methods of the existence of feeling, but background is not only the meaning of "chaos". In fact, the reasonable use background can provide pictures with scene feeling, build atmosphere, and even strengthen space depth, make the image more connotation. Don't need to background scenery besides. Connect down to want introduction of two methods is more high-end and prestige, because they are not just "eliminate the background interference", but reasonable arrangement and use of environmental elements for the picture.

5. Deep method

Select a space that has a greater depth as a background, such as roads, corridor, etc.), slightly open big aperture, make people nearby clear range of scenery, started to blur a bit distant scenery. The background of our outstanding depth, also retained more background information, make the image more connotation, than just open a large aperture background into a paste. You only need to pay attention to, don't let the noise of people around a clear range scene appear too much interference.

How to find background for portrait photos1

6. The sky of the earth

This method is very suitable for outdoor portrait. You know, China is the world's most populous country. In many cases, we shoot the portrait; the greatest interference scene is the vast number of "others". In this case, try the sky in the background! Nobody can have too many people around you will not be afraid - I don't believe they can heaven! Shoot, low Angle in the sky as the background, as long as no too many buildings, the background is generally clean, less interference scene. If the weather is very good, the blue sky white clouds, the background is not only simple, also is very beautiful. In the sky as the background, there are two most need to be aware of. One is easy shoot a person's face is very small, it is better to let your subject stoop or bend, in order to reduce the face appear under large deformation effect on small perspective.

Second, pay attention to control exposure. Especially in the strong sunshine, light in the sky as the background, image may light is larger. You need to face as a benchmark for exposure, to ensure that the face is not black. The consequences of doing this is the sky may be the image, so the share of people in the picture be larger part - the image too much, always not good.

To the ground as a background for the taking, also can achieve eliminate interference effect such as other people around, but there is no problem of exposure control. The biggest difficulty is you need to find a vantage point, climb up, down or convince your subject is lying on the ground... Use the ground as a background, also have a precondition: to clean the ground itself, and has a certain aesthetic feeling. Of grass in spring and summer, autumn leaves, are all very good background. As for the winter snow...... Estimate your model will not willing to lay up...