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​How to freeze a pet lovely moment


How to freeze a pet lovely moment

Beautiful and lovely pet is our friend in life, pet to let our busy city life is not just when dealing with people with pets, you will feel comfortable and happy, it not only ease loneliness and loneliness for you, will also bring a lot of surprise to you, so intimate pet, do you want to record your together of dribs and drabs, what are you waiting for, not to pick up the camera of pet take photos for you!

1. The light. Choose the light is very important during production, if you want to put your pet film aesthetic point, that the choice of the backlight, 4, 5 PM sunshine colour temperature is low, the warm tone is full of romantic and comfortable atmosphere, the most important thing is the outline of the hook out of the pet, embodies the pet hair texture. Backlighting can increase image saturation, presents a transmission effect, you see below this cat against the background of golden light is very beautiful, highlighted the cat noble temperament.

2. The point of view. When shooting must adopt low ticket reservation, otherwise stand high pet is very small, can try on the ground, the lower seat number not only can let you have an interaction with the pets, more importantly, can eliminate the strangeness of the pet, the tension of the lens. When pet stand on high, we can also slightly down, to shoot 45 degrees of pet, pet can be not only the embryonic state and visual captured your lens, can clap a lofty feeling will be small animals. Little teddy standing on the stone, we are at a low Angle shot, attracted the attention of the dog, but also gives a lovely effect.

3. The lens. You can choose a prime lens or telephoto image stabilization. EF 50 mm f / 1.4 unsharp masks is exquisite, imaging quality is very good, rich in details to show. Photographer think 50 mm focal length is close to the human eye visual Angle, so it is easier to grasp the focal length of the. 50 mm focal length features, on the other hand, can also keep the photographer with a pet can communicate in a distance, not too far, also not too close, better control.

How to freeze a pet lovely moment art

4. The use of large aperture. Can obtain good background blur effect, make the pet more outstanding. For deep color can choose in the bright environment, if pet hair color, can choose a dark background for reference. The puppy with ears, and nose with a grain of beans, isn't it cute?

5. The props. Can take pets like toys, playing with pets, clap a pet moment playing cute and naughty nature, can be called Mimi's name, when you take a photo to attract their attention, the cat is very naughty, it likes to play with wool ball, it adds to the picture of interest. Show different individuality is the key to pet photography.

6. Use the shutter priority mode, continuous shooting mode. Take a few more, there will always be a picture of is your satisfaction. In focusing on the set of we choose tracking mode. Pet is very active, this is their nature. As a host you can only go to guide it, to have enough patience and keen observation, grasp the best time, to capture their vivid side in time. If still unable to focus, you can try to improve the sensitivity. You can play in the outdoor pet film, you see a dog running after the ball, and capture is very in place!

7. State of pet. The owner of a devil of a genius is always like to have their pets look different, you see this piece of chihuahua was host to dress properly, grass green wave point bowknot, let you can think of.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have mastered a lot of knowledge about pet photography and shooting skills, ready to shoot their pets as well, can't wait to try, more technology and experience, can let you make out what you want to pet images.