​How to get excellent photos

How to get excellent photos

From the perspective of photography, I argue that photographers are divided into two basic different types: technical photographers and thematic photographers. The former is obsessed with cameras, lenses and complex and mysterious technical problems. Their actions make people think that the camera appears to be a lovely thing, not a tool for taking pictures. They have the best equipment and continue to pursue new models. Like an encyclopedia of photography, they are proud of the fact that they can enlarge the 35 millimeter negative film to 16 X20 inches and have no omniscient picture, which is omniscient to the advantages of all kinds of camera series. But they seldom make valuable pictures, because they focus their interests on the means of photography, rather than on purpose.

Those interests lie in the work, and more accurately, the photographers who are interested in shooting the subject are the opposite. He is not as obsessed with parts and techniques as technology photographers, but keen on characters, streetscape, city, scenery, nature theme, and modern architecture, ruins of ancient Rome, sport competitions and scenes of everyday life. He was very interested in his shooting target, so he just wanted to record it in the form of a photograph. Said he took it, take these photos home, enjoy it over and over again, and share the fun and hobbies with others. For him, photography is only means to achieve a goal, and the most attractive to him is that the camera is as attractive as a typewriter to the novelist. He felt that photography was almost a "nuisance" that existed between him and what he loved. Because he knows that a theme can be taken with many different methods, some images can be processed better than others, he and those dealing with the problem of photography, therefore, although some people hold that his attitude to the photography tool, he is still playing, instead of that some technical people.

How to get excellent photos

The role of the theme is of great importance. To make a deeper impression on it, let me make a comparison between photography and writing. Photography and writing are all ways of communicating ideas - sometimes photography is called the "language of an image", not without reason. A writer of normal spirit, only when he was satisfied that he had something to say and interesting to the reader, reached for a typewriter. However, photographers often pick up the camera in the case of "speechless". The subjects they took were old and meaningless, and they could not attract anyone's interest, including themselves. There are many such photos all over the world every day, the cause is very simple, and someone took this photo. And be published in a magazine of some easy - to - be editors.

It is the time to see whether a picture is interesting or boring, and the main factor in deciding whether a photographer is successful or failed is the subject. However, this is still not all, no matter how interesting the theme is, if it is not full of emotion and understanding, it will be effectively reproduced in the picture with the way of image. The results are also disappointing. That says something else, which is the photographer's passion and interest in the subject.

Enthusiasm and interest in the subject are the reasons for us to be taken pictures. It is also creative energy. It can make the work face to life, make the photographer excited and open the gate of emotional creation. Without such passion, photography will become indifferent. The photographer only in a highly conscious, growing interest state, there is hoping to create lively good work.

Amateur photographers have an incredible superiority over a professional photographer. You like how to get done. You can only choose what you like, that is, only the things that attracted you, touched you, and aroused your interest. Sticking to the following motto is bound to greatly improve the quality of photos: unless the theme arouses my interest, I will pass it off and save files for better things.

How to get excellent photos1

The subject's beauty, rhythm and repetition seem to be able to enhance the structure of the picture and make it a masterpiece. Most photographers like to take pictures which are natural. However, just to take pictures of the pattern effect pattern, without any proper reason and aim, to pursue the so-called "abstract" form, it is easy to fall into the stereotype and boring. Of course, if the pattern is an integral part of the body, especially when it can highlight the structure and function of the main body, it has the characteristics of the image. In this case, the shooting pattern can best guarantee the artistic effect of the picture.

1st Feb 2018

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