​How to make a beautiful view in the rain

How to make a beautiful view in the rain

The photos taken on rainy days, because of the rain's reflection, the distant scenery is bright and the image is hazy, the scene of the picture, the color of the color is thick, and there is no flavor.

In fact, we were shooting rain, to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, because of the rain light varies greatly, sometimes the rain brightness is high, and the cloudy downpour brightness is very low, the exposure between the two can differ a lot of times, so when shooting, the best use of meter metering.

2, the rain shooting, often there will be too much exposure phenomenon, and excessive exposure of rain is extremely unfavorable. Because the contrast of the rain is small, the overexposure makes the contrast smaller, the picture looks gray. Therefore, the general method is to reduce the exposure and extend the development to improve the contrast. According to the normal exposure, it can be reduced by one stop to half and half, and when each gear is reduced, it can increase the developing time of 20% to 30%, thus helping to improve the contrast of the picture.

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3, don't take rain, with the background of the sky, and should choose a dark background, in order to set off the bright rain. If there is water in the picture, whether the rivers and lakes of the water, or water on the street, the rain falls on the water splashes of layers of ripples, also contribute to the scene of the show.

4, the rain is not perpendicular to the ground, generally choose the rain at an angle of 45 degrees is appropriate. The shutter speed cannot be too high, because the high speed will coagulate the rain, forming a small point, without the feeling of rain. If the shutter speed is too slow, the rain will pull up and the effect is not good. In general, the speed of 1/30 seconds to 1/60 seconds is good, and the speed of the shutter is not high, which can emphasize the movement of rain falling.

5, shooting rain scene, should pay attention to in between the lens and the rain began to distance. As the rain drops close to the lens, a small drop of rain also covers the distant scene. Of course, it is sometimes intended to need this special effect. Be careful that the camera can't rain, and don't splash the rain on the lens. Usually it can be covered with an umbrella or a camera in a plastic bag to expose the lens and the scene.

6, in the room, through the window to show the outdoor rain scene, in the outdoor glass coated with a thin layer of oil. In this way, the water beads are easy to hang on the glass, rendering the atmosphere of the rain.

7, color film scene, due to the rainy day light color temperature is high; the use of daylight time, photos will appear obvious partial blue hue. This color cannot be corrected, because the blue tone can render the feeling of cold in the rain.

8. When the night scene is taken on a rainy day, the reflection of the light and the reflection on the surface of the ground will make the picture appear very vivid. In particular, when using color film, the color effect of the rainy night scene is more abundant than the general night scene.

How to make a beautiful view in the rain

22nd Jan 2018

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