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How to make landscape photography different


How to make landscape photography different

Scenery in front of you, if you see only the mountain, water, that of it is also a dry dull image. Camera can do it, not just the record, but also to the time of the sound, light, shadow, taste all included, a successful landscapes, is when you pick it up again in the future, you can hear again, smell, touch, and perceive everything at that time.

Looking we can found that the natural beauty and spectacular everywhere. Not only from the sea to see the sunrise sunset, early in the spring also can see in the branch of a cherry. From Tuscany rolled between wild golden haystacks, in the streets of Paris's most fashionable woman lipstick also see. From the dew on the Danube river waterfowl feathers, tornado in Iowa spring also can see in the tail. Scenery, it includes the front sight and the wind blows. As a result, lee, write down the scene, is a complete view.

Let's look at the preparing work before shooting: if you are using a DSLR or micro single camera, still can choose av mode or auto exposure mode, if select av mode, on a clear day, please send an aperture to 4.0-8.0, indoors can open at about 1.8 to 2.8, if it's rainy outside, opened in 2.8 to 5.6 is good. Sweet when you travel, take tripod generally is unlikely, so in addition to a fair day, other time can be moderately improve the iso 200-400, ensure that the shutter speed and the clear picture.

1.to wait for the most satisfying moments

A mountain, a river, same in different time to shoot, can lead to very different picture. Shutter press, interception is not only a video, but also a period of time, so please be sure to wait until the moment you happy with the appearance, just press the shutter

How to make landscape photography art

A, the picture is often were flash light

Has its subtle laws of nature, the scenery in front, often only then a little moment, you can find the opportunity to dialogue with it.

B, manufacture that belongs to you instantly

Not all "coincidence" is happened. Sometimes you need to wait, sometimes you can even make it by yourself.

Teach your girlfriend shoot the scenery How to make the picture different

2. Make the light take you to restore the scene

Light can account the weather, time and temperature, can give a landscapes give emotions out of thin air. Misty, or strong, you can even feel that from the plane of the photograph "eyesight whiting" atmosphere, it's a magic light can create.

A, to find the appearance of light itself

Light is a form of, but not all are so lucky to have butyl phenomenon can let us see the light path. So we need to use some props, common are as follows:

B, feel the light of creativity

Light will give magic to the object, the same items in different light, it can be completely different mood and form. As a kind of color in different light environment, you also can send out different aura.

Scenery fan like similarities, it also has the mood, also can talk. Through the lens, please hold your breath for the patience to listen. When the camera there struck by the beauty of the moment you that is the beginning of a good photo. 

How to make landscape photography art painting