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​How to make the photos attractive


How to make the photos attractive

I often need to remind myself that not every picture will make everyone happy. A boring photo of me may be special to you. An exciting picture for me might just make you want to sleep. So during this year's daily filming trip, I found some tips to help me accomplish my goals.

Don't get me wrong, I've done a lot of boring this year. In fact, I will share these boring photos with you today! Because when I take these types of photos, it helps me to re-evaluate and think about how I can get excited. I know I'll find it eventually. An Angle, a detail or a new perspective which was never seen before, which the things that cheer me up are, and what makes me want to pick up my camera again and again.

1. Emotion/humor

This is important to me, which is why I never liked the traditional portraits that I took for my children. When I can add an emotional element to the picture (nine-tenths of the emotion is humor for me), this picture is likely to come alive.

I believe that most children are naturally interesting and try to keep a close eye on what they are doing and can often predict what will trigger their emotions.

Of course I always "set up" a scene that makes them laugh. I used to have a little contest with my 5-year-old son about hiccups. Although I lost, the captured emotion and smile were very important and rare for me.

I like the look and emotion of his face every time he reveals his head, and "shooting (shooting and shooting in English is a word)" comes down. In addition, when the child standing on the warehouse of the truck, and close to the light source (the sun outside), which can help eliminate the interference of background garage (I also keep the background exposure in the post-processing). As these distractions disappear, the only thing that matters is the precious expression of the little boy!

How to make the photos attractive

2. Perspective

If I shot every image in the same way, I would be bored and never want to pick up the camera again. Trying to find a new way to shoot something different is a very interesting challenge for me.

I tried to find something to do the occlusion, and I would stand on some high places and put my camera on the ground... The perspective doesn't always work, but usually if I keep trying, I'll find something different!

If I were to shoot each image in the same way (for example, squatting in front of my subject, I might be bored to death in a few days and I wouldn't want to pick up the camera. Trying to find a new way to shoot something less interesting is an interesting challenge for me.

I try to find something to do occlusion, or stand on some high ground, and try to put the camera on the ground... The perspective doesn't always work, but usually if I keep trying, I'll find something different!

3. Secrets of details

I like photos with some mystery, sometimes I just shoot the details to get the audience to imagine what's missing in the picture. Most of the time, I try to get to the point where I shoot, but sometimes I do this by tailoring. These details help me to tell the story in the photo.

Looking back at the photos I took this year, nearly 80 percent of the photos don't include the faces of the children. Photos with no face allowed me to think more when I was admiring. My imagination always tries to fill in the blanks, and the pictures that make me think are my favorites.

Don't boring! -did I mention that I like a photo that doesn't include a face?! So I have to remind people that I think my kids are cute, even if I rarely put their faces in my photos! Use your imagination! Who's under this hat? What is he doing? Why is this hat so big?

Don't boring! - You can judge a tree with a child. But I like to let the audience make their own assumptions, instead of putting the whole story in the picture. If it takes a minute for an audience to realize that there's a person there, it's even better! As an audience, it's almost like you solve a problem - you find hidden themes!

4. The silhouette

I love the silhouette! Silhouettes can be taken anywhere and at any time, and can actually enhance the movement. Just make sure you measure the sky and you can easily get a silhouette!

Look for places, like a hill, or at the top of a playground, where your subjects and what they are doing stand out. It's always easier to eliminate clutter by adjusting the Angle of shoot than to eliminate them in later processing (I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to get rid of too much clutter). Gorgeous clouds make beautiful silhouettes, but don't be afraid to try shooting silhouettes when there is no cloud. Simplicity is also a beauty!

How to make the photos attractive art

5. Flip

I took a lot of reflections and shadows. A lot of times, when I flip the image, the picture becomes more interesting. The photo will be highlighted by the emphasis on the person itself and the shadow and reflection. ? Is it easy?

Keep in mind that sometimes it's hard to tell if a picture is more interesting before it's actually flipped. So I often flip my photos (just click on a button in the LR) to determine which direction is most appropriate. The photos below just indicate the front and back of the flip, because the previous version doesn't have to be boring, but it does feel different after flipping it!