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​How to photograph the beauty of life


How to photograph the beauty of life

1, make your photos close to the colors of the real world

Shooting the still life, shooting the life, shooting the food, and making the picture real is the moving first step. If shooting some fantasy theme, you can make the picture look more a bit, but when it comes to take food, take life, I believe that your picture color is closer to the real world, the more will make people have more intimacy.

2, let others know what you're shooting

The second point is also a problem that once bothered me, no matter what you shoot, first let others know what is most important in the picture. When we press the shutter before also ask yourself, "what am I take what", that can only write such as god. There are some simple methods, such as what you want to shoot, and what's in your picture. This doesn't make people confuse or confuse your picture.

3, find your shooting point

The same thing is to shoot flowers, but the three pictures have different entry points. Where does the shooting point come from, from the characteristics of the object?

The first Woxuan a straight angle shot, like flowers are upright bars in front of me. What I wanted to say at that time was the lines of the flowering stalk and the feeling of sunshine. Every flower stem was lit by the sun with a little halo, and they stood upright. The upward gesture made me feel very vigorous and encouraged.

Second this bouquet of light, and the whole growth posture and a different figure, what is this flower attracts me? It's the shape of a rose head. I think the shape of rose is the most romantic shape in the world. It's so charming and beautiful. At that time, in the sun, the sun set petals on the silver side, more fantasy.

The last rose, because under a drizzle, so a very small with flowers on the water, sparkling, very delicate petals, I want to make a micro perspective of this very detailed, to the reader. So I abandoned around a lot of flowers, often two flowers opened the round, the largest, and the most intensive and most uniform water droplets, such a close-up shot.

From which point you shoot, you can maximize the characteristics of its display, this is the need to use your brains to observe the process of thinking. Do not be afraid of such observation in thinking, you know, precisely because each person from a different perspective, a different starting point, we can make a picture of a hundred flowers, beautiful.

How to photograph the beauty of life

4, light is an important seasoning to create a picture

These pictures are cloudy soft light, sun light, sunlight, is also the sun out from the clouds, a very dim light in the evening, there are rainy days before the air with some silver light texture. Some may be very soft light projected in the interior of the window, with various lights that can bring different effects to your image.

5. Make your photos beautiful

The main body of the camera is placed in the middle of the screen, which can make your picture feel stable.

So we see, in fact, do not have to use a certain "must" to restrain themselves, try different composition methods, will bring different visual perception of the picture.

The multi element picture always makes people feel helpless and difficult to start with. In practice, I always follow these main points: seize the main, the density is uneven.

The paintings stress that there is space and density in the picture and the same applies in photography. Too neat arrangement of pictures will make people feel distorted, the real life is casual, but remember don't forget your main shooting object, so as to be disorderly, orderly, casual, but not random.

6, create an atmosphere for your photos

What is the vibe, just like you were there? One of the easiest ways to do this is to add characters to the photos. The reader will feel as if the person is himself, and the sense of substitution is very important. Where the difference between the atmosphere and the state, the state is is a plane, stationary, the atmosphere is a three-dimensional surround thing. So, add a person to go in, play with props, this figure will live immediately, and the atmosphere will become stronger.

There is no such thing as a "routine" for a good life picture. The way you share it today is to open your mind and guide you to think more while shooting. Instead of giving a formula, apply it every time you shoot. In that case, the life image loses its good record function.

Happy life has its own shape, so it brings us a myriad of images, bravely press the shutter that belongs to you, and enjoy the creation of beauty. Whether you are right or wrong, ask no questions, ask only the pictures, tell your heart one by one.