​How to shoot the sight of one's back

How to shoot the sight of one's back

Picture of one's back is more about conception. Each Picture of one's back is narrated with a story; Picture of one's back is the safest way for everyone to take pictures; Picture of one's back has no value, but more emphasis on wearing, appropriate clothing with different landscapes will produce a beautiful picture.

First, the back shot angle is crucial

First of all, we talk about the angle of photography, the proportion of people and background, generally people in the center or side of the background, depending on what we want to highlight the main body, it can be a combination of people, it can also be a character's Some actions are inside.

In fact, the back can reflect a lot of things, such as a person's demeanor, his back is lonely or warm. The back shots we take can generally be dominated by the above half-length, the whole body is also possible, or the characters can sit on the ground.

How to shoot the sight of one's back on canvas

Second, how to use the background and weather to create a beautiful picture.

If you want to take pictures of a very warm color, you can use the setting sun or the rising sun. The ones that are photographed are particularly moody. Usually when the sun is about to rise or fall, this is the best picture for warm colors.

Of course, the misty rain or misty weather can also produce a sense of embarrassment. The main thing is to see what you want to express, and what kind of mood you want to give to the viewer, what kind of feeling it brings to the viewer.

In the building environment, you can make use of buildings, statues, lights, etc. to create a sense of spatial gaze, or roads, appear to grow, and the sea, three-dimensional degree, a very wide field of vision, some of the desert grassland landscape is very good Background illustration. The main thing is to make our photos stand out in a layered and spatial sense, and the pictures will look different.

Third, the shooting guide:

1, according to the environment to wear suitable clothing;

2, pay attention to composition, beginners can open the ninth palace auxiliary line, if you have never used it, you can search it on line, it is also very simple.

misty weather prints on glass

3, think of a good POSE before shooting;

4, Picture of one's back is suitable for shooting big scenes, is a small person, the scene looks great! Of course, this also depends on the subject you need to express, but also see the specific occasion!

5, if you use a mobile phone to shoot a silhouette photo in the evening, focus, when the focus on the screen bright place (such as the sky), the phone will automatically adjust the exposure, this time the characters will be clearly distinguished from the bright sky, that is, the character It's a silhouette, then the background is a bright sky, so it's more suitable for evening sunset!

13th Mar 2018

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