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​How to take best pictures of wedding


How to take best pictures of wedding

Wedding photography is a game of chasing light and shadow, and respect the natural light is a kind of attitude of documentary photography. As a wedding photographer, I always try to combining natural beauty with artistic beauty, make full use of natural light and the scene of the ambient light, for real and precious memories. That a bit light properly draws the outline of the shape of the bride elegant, make this moment did quite good. The choice of the shooting Angle is very important, the backlight can perfect the outline of the outline of characters, especially suitable for to show atmosphere, express the emotions.

The advantage of natural light shooting

1. The persistent light source

Natural light is one of the biggest advantages is that it is persistent, this gives the photographer sufficient time to carefully observe the environment and people, help to inspire more inspiration. In unity and relatively fixed light condition, the picture more prone to intrinsic connection between the characters, into a certain context, form the whole picture story.

How to take best pictures of wedding ART

2. Restore the real atmosphere at the scene

Use of natural light shooting another advantage is that can maximally keep the original atmosphere. Wedding photography the greatest significance lies in respect for the wedding event itself, is not easily using flash is a major reason why, when you are in touch led ShanQi moment has radically changed the original site atmosphere, even so we can take out bright and clear photos, but that's not what I want.

3. Do not destroy the character's emotions

Use natural light shooting can minimize the interference of the camera brings to the subject. There is no doubt that flash, at work on site will attract all people's attention, nature also and destroys the atmosphere of that time. Is also a matter of fact, I want to hide, hide in a corner, quietly to the sincere affection, touching details, the beauty of a blooming quietly recorded. Many newcomers after to get the photos will be surprised to ask me, when was this photo taken? It is these photos will be back to their wedding that day, there are a lot of memories, also has a lot of surprise. If the frequent use of flash, this may be hard to do it.

Under the condition of natural light shooting skills

1. Shoot the wedding, the most common use of natural light is the window light. The light is relatively soft, uniform, light and shade, very natural transition can be adjusted through the characters and the relative position of the window to control the light effect.

2. under the condition of indoor light is not very enough, suggest select aperture priority mode, setting of large aperture value, which can be more focus on observing site condition.

3. In the main body not too obvious move, the shutter speed can be control in 1/30 s; Characters have some gesture, the shutter can be control in 1/60 SEC.

4. Want to be photographed in a weak light environment beautiful light and shadow, can adjust the focus mode for manual, lean body on the surrounding solid content at the same time, the shutter can be control in 1/15 SEC, even more slowly.

5. The side light or the backlight is the most commonly used in the shooting indoors. The lighting condition the picture contrast between light and shade, rich layers, to show the outline of the characters, emphasize the depth of the space and stereoscopic feeling.

6. Usually adjustable white balance for automatic or sunlight.

Natural light shooting common problems and solutions

Natural light shooting has many advantages, but you will find that in the actual operation process, some natural light conditions were not ideal, you will often encounter ambient light contrast is too large or the light very insipid lacks focus. The core principles to solve the problem of the two is to do subtraction, we introduced some concrete treatment method.

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1. The silhouette, half silhouette picture

When filming the wedding, we often meet the indoor and outdoor light contrast is great, and had to photographing. Then we might as well will be treated as subject in silhouette or half silhouette, this can not only increase the picture art effect and imaginary space, still can make main elements were highlighted and strengthened. The most common location is the door and the window, it is important to note the metering point selection.

2. The shadow of fun

Ambient light is not ideal, or too smooth, we can try to use some shooting skills, increase the sense of taste and artistic picture. Looking for reflective surface, build symmetric mirror effect is one of the most efficient ways. The shiny wardrobe in the room, glass desktop, polished metal surface, marble floors, all of these can be used as reflective elements of creation.

3. The use of block forming frame composition

Frame structure is the most commonly used one kind of photographer composition technique, it can effectively distinguish between images, the formation of rhythm, or act as a guide line of sight. When I was in poor spot light, like frame type composition technique is used to create visual interest, balance the image contrast, and highlight the main body.

4. Clever collocation space with the mirror

In the early stage of the communication, I will tell the couple to prepare a removable pier glass, is to take some interesting pictures. Mirror element now seems to have become the wedding photography, as long as you observe, you will find every photographer will have a lot of work using the mirror, although variable, but only a core principle, that is the visual space and bring new and fresh.

5. Using the color temperature difference color contrast

Observe, analytical different light source color temperature, it is a basic skill for the photographer. In addition to pay attention to the form of a person's mood, outside, in light of the analysis of the character that is also very important. Especially when the situation more complex indoor light, the light within the environment and the sun shone through the window came in combination ably, control the proportion of them, and presents the form, so that the images of light do not appear messy.

6. Use lights to simulate the natural light

Although we advocate in wedding photography, try not to use flash to destroy the original environment atmosphere. But in the above methods are invalid, must use the flash light, attention should be paid to the following principles - flash to combine the use of natural light, comply with the laws of natural light, and natural be in harmony are an organic whole. We will see next flash simulation under the sunshine outdoor shooting case.