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​How to turn landscape photography into art


How to turn landscape photography into art

Landscape photography is with nature. It is the discovery and beauty of beauty in the different ways of nature. It is accompanied by the infinite reverence and admiration of man for nature Imagination is more important than knowledge, canvas prints online for knowledge is limited, and imagination is the sum of everything in the world. The following are 15 creative composition experience make your landscape photography into art photography. Everyone's understanding of the composition is different, the photographer Alain Brio consider imposition is the first and most important step in photography creation, here are 15 creative composition advice from Alain Brio:

1.Your photographic composition is the most powerful manifestation of what you see. -- From the famous photographer Edward Weston.

2.The composition is not simply placed in a box -- it also includes color matching, acrylic prints contrast, the use of light, and post-ps.

How to turn landscape photography into art

3.The composition of the goal is to turn you can see, the emotion expressed - not simply record the scenery, also not take pictures of the technical perfect, but the expressive photos show.

4.The camera photo is objective existence, and artists photographs and express the feeling is subjective, the scenery is dead, people are living, be sure to use good light, color, contrast to express themselves.

5.The first thing to consider is light -- the use of light is more important than the subject matter.

6.Use the relationship between the foreground and the background to make a composition - it is important to find an excellent foreground and background.

7.Make your landscape photography a 15 creative composition of art photography

8.Use comparison elements - static/mobile, young/old, large/small, natural/human.

9.Don't remake someone else's work -- why not buy a postcard or buy a photo album?

10.Seeing someone else's work is inspired and remake is two different concepts.

11.No more powerful technology can make up for the absence of inspiration -- the camera is just a machine, the inspiration is art, and this is two different levels.

How to turn landscape photography into art canvas

12.Good works are not created by machines, they are created by photographers -- cameras are essential, but the soul comes from the photographer.

13.The so-called "right" is what makes you feel artistic -- nothing is absolutely right, and the art is the best.

14.It's a myth that you can make an art blockbuster directly without having to do it later.

15.The best "color balance" is the color you want to express. The best composition is something you've never seen before, until you create it.