Improve the success rate of the snapshot effectively

Improve the success rate of the snapshot effectively

Improve the success rate of the snapshot effectively

Snapshot: the most natural images are taken without interfering with the subject. One of the features of the snapshot is speed. You don't have to grab a stationary object. With the word "scratch" you have to grasp the subject's instantaneous expression, print on canvas expression and movement. In the words of the master it was a "decisive moment".

Good photographic works are almost always acquired by means of snapshot, and more and more film friends are abandoning the swing photography to capture. However, it is not easy to take a snapshot. Once the subject sees your lens pointed at him, he will avoid or lose his original attitude and make the shot fail. There are also exposure errors in a hurry, the focus is not solid, hand shock, horizontal skew and so on, will also become regret.

Let the equipment help you

No matter the price of photographic equipment is high or low, it will have its advantages and disadvantages. In the use of photographic equipment, we should make full use of their advantages. As much as possible, you need to know something about the equipment that helps you. If you don't, you will make a mistake in shooting. For example, for 28-200mf1:3.5-5.6 lenses, the actual aperture will change with the change of focal length of the lens, and if the change of focal length is abrupt, the shooting error will be caused. The correct approach is to use a variable aperture zoom lens, taking into account the actual aperture value changes, and the resulting impact, so as to make corresponding corrections.

Even with the universal grade of MF equipment, as long as the performance is well known, it can also "make up for lost time" to achieve the purpose of rapid shooting.

Improve the success rate of the snapshot effectively

Use a long lens to capture

When snapping with a long lens, the most important technical issue is shutter speed. For a 200mm camera, the shutter speed should be no less than 1/250 seconds to avoid vibration, which means the shutter speed should not be slower than the inverse of the focal length. Before you snap, can put the camera on a place similar to the subject brightness for metering, such as using the ad features of camera, also do not need to make exposure compensation, also could be used without prior metering auto exposure mode. With a little practice, you'll know how far away you should stand to get a good picture of your subject. Then, when you get to the best shot position, you should quickly hold the camera in front of you.

Don't say you can't take a great photo. A great snap is actually taking place right next to you, sitting at home and waiting or dating a model to the studio.

So the first thing you need to learn to do in order to take pictures of your casual life that are satisfying to you and shocking to the viewer is to take your camera with you at all times. Some wonderful moments happen only once at a certain time and place. At this point, even if you feel that it's a wonderful lens, and if you don't have a camera around, that lens will miss you. Learn to take the camera with you as your third eye, taking pictures in the inevitable contingency.

Capture is great; make the shutter speed a little faster

Put the camera in the shutter priority to improve the sensitivity as much as possible. Let the sensitivity of the quality and speed of the best match.

It's still a single shot

Don't assume that digital photography is cheap enough to keep the shutter on, and cover inevitability with randomness. The essence of a snap is to capture the decisive moment at the right time by pressing the shutter button.

Theme selection

The subject matter of snapshot is mainly news and documentary. In festival gatherings, real events or social life, there is often a feeling of not knowing what to shoot because of the size of the scene and the chaos of the characters. Do not want to shoot anything at this time, the result is nothing good. We should make a judgment on the calm analysis and thinking of the lighting conditions and shooting angles, and use the equipment at hand to choose the subject matter.

If your camera has a wide Angle, focus on the big shots. If you have a header, don't think about the big shots. If you have a medium and long lens, focus on the character. But even if there are any shots, you can't change them too quickly. As a result, you can't shoot a good moment without considering the difference. If you want to take a good snap shot, don't just sit and watch capture techniques and strategy, take your equipment, automatic mode, try more, believe that is not how long you can become a paparazzi, moments of beauty.

4th Jun 2018

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