Learn these photography tips to easily take beautiful photos

Learn these photography tips to easily take beautiful photos

If you're new to mobile photography, your mind may be full of questions! You may want to know how to use your phone camera for focus, exposure, flash, HDR, etc. You may want to know how to take amazing photos. Here are some tips to help you take better photos.

Take advantage of natural light

A better way to take pictures is to take advantage of natural light. If you shoot outdoors during the day, nature will provide plenty of natural light. If you take a picture of someone indoors and are frustrated by the darkness, move your subject to a window where the light will be more natural. Of course, if you're taking pictures at night, you need to use an artificial light source to provide light to the scene, and if the flash is really your only light source, Then I recommend covering it with a paper towel to disperse and soften the light.

Turn on HDR mode

Do you usually turn on HDR mode to take pictures? Do you know when to use it and when to turn it off? Many people may not know when to use it, and some may never even use it. Let's see what it is and how to use it.

HDR stands for high dynamic range. It can help you achieve a more balanced exposure in tricky lighting situations, such as high-contrast scenes, where there are bright and dark areas. When you turn on the HDR feature, the camera app takes several photos under different exposures and then combines them into a well-exposed image. This allows you to see details in highlights and shadows without seeing any underside or overexposed areas in the image.

Learn these photography tips to easily take beautiful photos

Keep a clear focus

For photography lovers, clear focus is the minimum requirement, but for the new contact xiaobai, it is a certain difficulty to require each photo can be clear focus, however, the current mobile phone has a good auto focus function, can automatically set the focus for you. But the problem is that the camera controls which part of the scene to focus on (usually the center of the frame), rather than letting you decide. To make sure that the right part of your scenario is in focus, you should always manually set the focus. The method is quite simple.

All you have to do is click on the screen and you want to set the focus. A yellow square appears at this point, and when you press the shutter to take a picture, the focus will be on that part of the scene. This will help you capture clear pictures.

Adjust the brightness of your phone

In photography, the brightness of the image is called exposure, and this is important to ensure that your image does not appear too bright or too dark. The way to adjust your exposure is simple. First you need to click on the focus, and we usually aim at the center of the image we want to shoot. At this point, we can adjust the exposure by setting the small sun down to adjust the brightness of the specific position in the image.

In daily life, we observe things around us from different angles. In fact, photography is the same. The change of shooting Angle is one of the joys of photography. The photos taken from different perspectives will produce different visual effects. Hopefully these tips will help you take great photos. If you have good pictures, please share them with us.

16th Sep 2020

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