Make a great works via mobile phone

Make a great works via mobile phone

Make a great works via mobile phone

Pay attention to the nuances of the scene

We live in a world with endless beauty. Some beautiful scenery, canvas prints such as the great ocean, the Great Wall and the mountain flowers, can be presented directly before our eyes without looking for them. They possess a beauty that can be appreciated without thinking or association. It's a beautiful landscape that everyone can find that, although it's a good subject, it doesn't meet all the shooting needs. We should not only be good at photographing the "beauty" in the eyes of the public, but also learn to find different "beauty" in the ordinary things. Some seemingly ordinary scenes, maybe in some details, canvas frames online are also excellent subjects for shooting.

When shooting, we should pay attention to some details in the scene, and we can present them in the picture through different shooting angles and some special composition ways, making it a good photography work. For example, the exquisite vase on the windowsill, or the exquisite carving on some tiles of ancient buildings, or some street signs, etc., and their detailed pictures can be used as shooting materials.

Approach taken

If you can't find a good composition method when using mobile phone for photography creation, you should approach the subject for shooting, because many times, you can only find the beauty in the scene after getting closer. If we miss the beautiful scenery because we are too lazy to move forward, what we will leave is not the proud works, but the regret and helplessness.

In fact, close to the subject of the shooting, our photography predecessors have already concluded, the famous 20th century photographer Robert capa said such a sentence: "if your photographs are not good enough, it is because you are not close enough." There are many advantages to taking a closer shot.

By approaching shot, it means to enlarge and present beautiful things in the photo, making the picture more attractive. Shoot by walking closer; you can cut the messy things around outside the picture, so as to get a simple picture effect. Shot close to avoid the awkward phone camera cannot zoom.

I can subtract from the picture

Why do you shoot the same scenes as a souvenir photo, while someone else shoots them as a photograph? The reason is probably that the pictures you shoot have too many useless elements, which disturbs the main body's performance. I believe many people have heard the saying - "painting is the art of addition, photography is the art of subtraction". This is the fact. If only the main body and accompanying body are left in the picture, and the light of the rendering atmosphere is added to avoid the messy elements to enter the picture, it is believed to be a good photographic work. In subtraction for the screen, the following methods can be used to achieve.

Finally, shoot the phone close to the main body and use the large aperture of the phone to blur the background, so as to achieve the purpose of subtraction.

He waits for the opportunity to shoot, and when people or things that have nothing to do with the picture leave the picture, he will hurry up to shoot. The photos are cut and the second composition is completed to achieve the goal of subtraction.

Make a great works via mobile phone

Shoot from unusual angles

Mobile phone is a very convenient camera device when we go out and play. When we encounter some beautiful scenery, we will take out our mobile phone to take photos. However, photography creation is not just to take photos when we encounter those outstanding beautiful sceneries. Beauty is ubiquitous in our daily lives, but there are some filming techniques that need to be used. To make a more attractive picture, you can choose some unconventional angles to interpret the picture, which will bring freshness to the picture and increase the attractiveness of the picture. Also, look for unusual angles when you're shooting dramatic scenes. People who are used to seeing beauty from the usual angles are somewhat visually tired, and using unconventional angles will rekindle interest.

Pay attention to the color relationship in the scene

When photography enters the era of color photographs, color plays a decisive role in the picture effect. Color saturation, temperature preference and the relationship between colors will affect the performance of the picture. When creating photography, we should pay more attention to the color contrast in the scene if we want to increase the attractiveness of the picture. Nature has endowed us with a colorful world. Different colors have a certain relationship, and the most commonly mentioned color relationship is contrast and coordination.

Good at finding shadow and local light

In the previous section, we have covered the importance of light. Photography is about working with light, which is also a necessary condition for our photographers. It can bring different effects to the picture. Use the light to illuminate the scene produced by the light shadow effect to shoot, can make the picture more artistic atmosphere. When shooting and creating with light and shadow, you can shoot according to the following points.

The shadow of a certain scene is taken as the main body by the utility directly, but the scenes showing the shadow should be clear and concise, aluminium metallic such as the wall. Using the light and shadow contrast with the surrounding environment, Mr. Yu creates photographs. In order to increase the interest of the picture, the dim light is used to shoot the composition.

8th Nov 2018

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