Make ordinary things look amazing

Make ordinary things look amazing

Make ordinary things look amazing

In the face of photography, there are many people who wonder: why is it that when I shoot the same thing, others shoot it amazing? Canvas prints photographer Izabella Bed has an answer, because the completion of a work is not only to see the object and press the shutter once, but also to integrate people's shooting ideas into it.

It is entirely up to the photographer to produce hundreds of millions of images a day, canvas prints online to stand out from them, or to be flooded with pixels. Izabella Bed has only one set of Nikon D3000 and 18-55 camera lens, so she is more diligent than others in thinking about how to build her own perspective and detoxify corruption through limited objective conditions.

This article takes the most common pine ball as an example of how to make ordinary things look amazing.

Try new angles

Moving away from the daily eye-level view of the world, a little taller and a little shorter is the easiest first step.

Add atmosphere to the elements

A pine ball is just a pine ball, which is very neutral and distant from life. However, if colored lights are added, there will be a festive atmosphere in an instant and it will be easy to close the distance with readers.

Bright spots are a good background

Both the camera and the dual camera phone can easily blur out the background to create a light spot. And color spot can highlight main body not only, still can adorn picture.

Make ordinary things look amazing

Integrate into the environment

The properties of a single object are very abstract, and when you put it into an environment, such as putting a pine ball into a leaf, grass, or bouquet, it makes a series of associations.

Close up

Close-up or even macro shooting is a very fresh perspective for everyone. You can simplify the picture and abstract out the details.

Add human elements

Taking a picture with an object in your hand is a popular but useful way to add some life to a simple still life photo.

Create strangeness

As mentioned above, integrating objects into the environment can bring some associations to the audience. But it can be familiar or strange. For example, the following dishes, forks and pine balls have a subtle sense of violation.

Mirror effect

The mirror effect is one of the easiest effects to achieve. Reflection can not only create symmetry, but also increase the spatial level of the image.

Add rule colors

Adding interesting color background to common objects is a very clever way, color can be collision; can be gradual change, reasonable collocation can greatly increase the impact of the picture.

Use water perspective

The combination of water and glass creates the effect of refracting, large canvas prints mirror-like perspective, appropriately breaking our conventional wisdom.

18th Jul 2018

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