​Mountain photography shooting theme and basic camera Settings

​Mountain photography shooting theme and basic camera Settings

For those who like hiking and traveling, canvas prints most of the time they will also bring their camera to take beautiful photos. But how can they take beautiful photos when they are wandering from mountain to mountain? Take a look at this series of tips for getting started with mountain photography.

Mountains under blue sky and white clouds

When hiking in the mountains, I am most happy to enjoy the blue sky and white clouds! To take a picture of the blue sky, remember to look for the right Angle, canvas australia the sun in the other direction is often the bluest ah! If you want a bluer sky, you can use a polarizer (CPL). For CPL tips, please refer to this article.

A cloudy sky

There are unexpected clouds, if you encounter clouds full sky, you can also consider using a super wide Angle lens shot under the clouds mountain momentum! But to keep the level of dark clouds in the sky and the brightness of the ground, acrylic prints online it is recommended to use a GND gradient grey filter.

(3) When there is a sea of clouds or clouds

This can be said to be the best gift after hard mountain climbing! The sea of clouds is not always there. Most of them come out at sunrise or dusk after rain, and you can only see them higher than the sea of clouds. And when water and air sit tight in the air around you, a cloud forms! When filming mist and mist, can take a daze effect, very have the feeling that searches faint explore a mystery!

(4) Capture interesting light

Interesting light, of course, contain the sunrise, sunset, Magic appearing time, but sometimes the sun will be out of the opening creates angel-like shape and form of scattering light, appear even the phenomenon of "light" Jesus, irradiation on the magnificent mountains, also can make very beautiful photos, but see "light" Jesus really want to rely on luck, and may be short, when filming to do grasp the opportunity!

(5) Shoot the sun star awning

If the sun is strong in the middle of the day, try turning down the aperture and include the sun in the photo to create a beautiful sun star.

(6) stars/orbits

One of the important shooting subjects is to use mountains to shoot against stars or star orbits, whether it is a normal mountain or a snow mountain or even some famous scenic spots.

Basic camera Settings

(1) Make good use of the a-mode

In the shooting of mountain photos, in addition to the night scene and star/star orbit photos, generally can be taken with aperture prerequisite (a-mode) + average metering, the required aperture/ISO (next point introduction), focus can be taken, very easy! In fact, a-mode is also the most commonly used mode by the author. You must make good use of it!

(2) Aperture selection

There is no specific aperture range when shooting mountain photos. It depends on the subject to be shot. Here are some references:

Aperture value effect is recommended

Sunny f/8-11 (medium to small) photo sharp/most subjects within depth of field (clear)

Cloudy/cloudy f/5.6-8 (medium to large) wide Angle (18mm) same as above, be careful when using long focal length

Shoot close-up f/1.4-3.2 (large) use shallow depth of field to highlight the subject

Shooting sun star awning f/14-16 (small) use a small aperture to highlight the star awning(3) ISO comparison

ISO setting is simple, remember the following:

Situation recommended ISO value reason

High sun/sun star minimum ISO image quality can be improved by using low ISO when light is sufficient

Cloudy days with moderate ISO when there are clouds, there is a chance that the sunlight will not be enough. If you use a smaller aperture such as f/8, the shutter speed will slow down to blur the image, so you can slightly improve the ISO

Depending on the time of the cloud, if the light is not enough and you need to shoot with your hands, you can increase the ISO slightly to maintain the shutter speed

The highest ISO in the sky depends on the focal length used. In order to avoid short orbits on a photograph, the shutter speed should not be too slow. In addition to using a large aperture, the ISO should also be improved

Mountain photography shooting theme and basic camera Settings

(4) White balance setting

The role of white balance is to adjust the color to be softer than the photo color, so that the photo can express the feeling at that time. When normal sunlight is lowered to the "daylight" white balance, normal moon colors can be photographed. For information on the effects of white balance on photographs, please refer to this instructional article.

(v) Adjust exposure value when appropriate (+/ -ev)

If you are using aperture preconditions, you must learn to use the "exposure compensation" button, because when you are photographing clouds, floating frames australia clouds, etc. with a lot of white things, the camera metering may be wrong, then you need to +EV to increase the exposure, so as not to be underexposed.

7th Oct 2019

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