Photograph beautiful clouds

Photograph beautiful clouds

How to shoot a cloud well, making the cloud scenery credit to work for you in the sky in all shapes and changeable clouds let the world become colorful, but if you want to see the sky scenery preserved it with photos is not an easy thing, filming the cloud still need skills, here small make up to introduce you to shoot the cloud of some skills and common sense, help you to more easily take great clouds.

1. Weather at the right time is very important

Make sure you choose the right weather, such as cloudy or rainy days. This is a good time to photograph clouds.

2. Take pictures of clouds. The timing is important

Like any other scene, the best time to photograph clouds is early in the morning and late in the evening, when the light is the softest of the day and the clouds are the most colorful. If you shoot in the middle of the day, you can only capture the blue sky and white clouds, the picture is relatively monotonous.

3. Use a single silhouette to contrast the rich clouds

Cloud topic, not a single cloud, only must be combined with other elements, here we can take silhouette and the combination of the cloud, we choose in the morning or evening in silhouette of the cloud, because the light Angle is low, the light is downy, is the best time to shoot, this time we will open a small aperture, to spot metering operation of the cloud, so interesting scenery to turn into a silhouette on the ground, you can get a beautiful clouds combined with interesting silhouette.

Photograph beautiful clouds

4. Enrich the monotone clouds with the foreground

In order to avoid the monotony of photographing clouds, we can choose some suitable foreground, such as buildings, plants and mountains, to act as the foreground of the picture for composition and shooting.

5. Beat out the flowing clouds

We can seemingly fixed clouds made of the effect of dynamic flow, it need to use a tripod to realize, we will be slow shutter speed adjustable, with the slow shutter photography, even the B door, switch to a minimum, iso aperture are tuning into small aperture, so that you can extend the exposure time, thus making the magic cloud effect.

5. Use beautiful clouds as a backdrop

When we take a portrait, if there are beautiful clouds in the sky, we may as well make use of them as the background of the portrait. It is recommended to shoot in an open area, preferably in the morning and evening. Then we focus on the face of the character and use a small aperture, so that both the close portrait and the distant clouds can be clearly seen. The color

11th Sep 2020

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