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​Pick up your phone and record the world from a new Angle


Pick up your phone and record the world from a new Angle

Mobile phones are essential tools of life for every modern person. It changes the way we interact with the world, especially in photography. Change also means innovation, although mobile phone photography technology is improving, but still will be a lot of camera user’s conflict; think that the camera is really playing photography. It is not a bad thing that the camera becomes smaller, more intelligent, and more and more integrated into our lives. Pick up your cell phone and record the world from a new angle. Here are 7 ways of training. Keep it for a week and make you a cell phone photographer!

1: try to make the photos simple

Jobs once said, "simplicity is perfection.” You are also often told that photography should be done subtraction. Indeed, this is the first rule of photography. Because of the characteristic of mobile phone lens and viewfinder to wide-angle large depth, not compressed perspective, not blur the background (fortunately double lens mobile phone provides a new choice for us), so it should adhere to the "concise picture" of the first element.

Use lots of negative space (Liu Bay) and discard unnecessary elements. Instead, you can highlight your focus. Given the size of the phone screen, minimalism is very popular on social media, and keeping it simple may be your style.

Pick up your phone and record the world from a new Angle

2: find a different perspective

Small cell phone in the convenience of completely beyond the camera, we want to how to take, how to take, how to shoot how to shoot, compared to the camera has more room to play. Traditional Canon, Nikon SLR users are more accustomed to optical viewfinder (except for SONY micro single), so at a low angle shooting will be a lot of inconvenience, mobile phone screen instant view is completely no such distress. Lower your cell phone and compose it in a new angle!

Low angle of view, not only can help the sky "simplify" background, but also can use the ground to create "mirror" effect.

3: macro shot training

When shooting you can use macro to capture the amazing details, color and texture. Macro to help us escape from the routine perspective, the world is hidden in the details. It's not just for plants; it's also very effective when shooting portraits and pets. Take the scenery, with a scene to highlight the scene is a very good method!

4: get some advanced silhouettes

Because the photosensitive element limited mobile phone, lower tolerance, in contrast with high context instead of a blessing in disguise, because - silhouette shot more easily! Select the phone screen, select metering (light measurement), and if the contrast is not enough, continue sliding the screen, low exposure, until the formation of silhouettes. The key to shooting silhouettes is to ensure simplicity and two to find fun. Because the screen elements become silhouettes, the solid is abstracted into planes, and the combinations of geometric elements should be taken into account when shooting.

The best time to shoot silhouettes is at sunrise, sunset, and night with a strong light source. You know you don't get up in the morning, so go out and shoot at dusk. Otherwise, it's also a good choice to look for billboards and window displays at the head of the night.

5: looking for symmetry

No, we found all the examples in front of us were 1:1 frames. Although the mobile phone also has 4:3, 16:9 formats, but due to the growing influence of IG more people began to use the 1:1 format, and 1:1 is recognized as the most stable frame, since it is stable, it is not the central composition and the symmetrical composition. Symmetry can be symmetrical up and down: it can also be symmetrical between rights and left: they usually work together with the central composition to create symmetrical pictures and enhance the sense of structure.

Pick up your phone and record the world from a new Angle art

6: grasp the distance of the photograph

As mentioned earlier, due to the limitations of the camera lens, viewfinder is usually "wide-angle, large depth of field."". Create a deep sense of the second methods, is the front and rear with the match. In the foreground, find some interesting elements to match the vision.

The third way to create a picture is to build frames based on the elements of the picture. For example, through the window, arch, arch bridge shooting, and even hanging branches can also be, when you guide the audience's view through a screen element, the depth of the front and back.

7: associate the elements in the picture

Mobile phone hardware or SLR cannot be compared, so you cannot rely on technical means (virtualization, perspective), and to make articles on the content. If there are elements in the picture that can be echoed, the interest of the work will be greatly improved. Interactive ways can be related to content and trigger the audience's association. It can also be a composition echo.

Hidden training: forget that you're using a cell phone

In fact, the 7 training also has a hidden goal - to let you forget to use a cell phone to shoot. Whether it's a camera or a cell phone, it's just a tool for taking pictures, and your attention should be focused on content, not tools. Cultivate the power to observe life, and capture it with the eye of photography.