pose and take photos on the beach

pose and take photos on the beach

Pose and take photos on the beach

In summer, although the sun is very big, but must go to the beach, canvas prints enjoy the summer enthusiasm! But what it is, the sea always brings back the peace of mind. But I think the most important thing is: HAVE FUN!!! How to pose and take photos on the beach leave beautiful pictures on the beach and record the wonderful holidays.? The following are some tips for your reference.

In the sea

In the sea, of course, the most comfortable, photo on canvas especially now the hot weather! And it's time to sprinkle a bikini! You know why? Because in the sea, the sea water let the fat figure disappear! No matter how fat, make it all look thin!!!

On the beach

If you want a photo to die, don't hesitate! The whole man lies on the beach! Take the carpet if you feel dirty or uncomfortable. You can read, play the sun, or sleep.

Coconut trees

The beach usually has coconut trees, so how can you have fewer coconut trees in the picture? Of course, if you want to climb trees, it is still the main security.

How to pose and take photos on the beach

In the ship

Go to sea by boat? Then come a "boat" photo, there is a boat company, the whole picture has feeling! If you want to spill your bikini, shoot!

Write on the beach

On the beach can also be written, make a speech, perhaps a wish, clap to do commemoration!

Cycling on the beach.

I believe you go to the seaside, sometimes rent a foot car, and don’t waste it! Take an art photo, accessories are also very important.


Don't want to show your face, just use the props around you. For example, flowers, sunglasses, hand food, books and so on, with the blue sky beach, beach photo will come out.

How to pose and take photos on the beach1

Set different white balance to capture the seaside scenery.

In the seaside scenery, we can also according to different light, adjust the white balance of different, in order to achieve different effects, such as the white balance set to direct sunlight, cloudy, cloudy patterns, even can make more warm sunset filled with lens, or make the photo look attune slants cold, this can try a different white balance, until the effect you want.

Believe that you'll want your camera to record more of the scenery when you're facing down on the beach.

Shoot the tidal wave with your high speed/slow shutter. It is also a very interesting thing to photograph the tide of the sea, especially when you see the sea surge; I believe you will also be amazed by the charm of the sea. At this time, you can use the high-speed shutter, recording the dynamic moment. If you want to photograph the state of the silk, you can use the slow shutter; acrylic glass prints feel the beauty of the water.

4th May 2018

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