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Quick focus on motion photography


Quick focus on motion photography

In sports photography, the focus is a difficult to master the skill, this is because the subject of sports photography has a very strong move feeling, it is very fast, it is unlikely to allow you to go slowly thinking, strives for perfection to focus. Professional sports photographers are all about tracking focus: they constantly change the focus and keep the contestants in a clear image in the viewfinder. But it is difficult for beginners to practice this technique.

An easy way to do this is by using the automatic focus system on your camera. Although the autofocus system can quickly focus on good points, if the method is wrong, it can't play its due role. That is to say, only if the subject is properly left in the center of the viewfinder window to achieve accurate focus. If the camera is equipped with a focal length that is not long and the perspective is large, it is easy to arrange the subject of the motion in the range frame in the center of the viewfinder. If the camera is equipped with a long focal length of more than 200 mm, it may be difficult to track the subject and focus on the range frame.

In order to adapt to this situation, you may wish to change the above habits, but you may not consider the scope of the viewfinder for the time being, and only use the range box to track the subject, which may make you feel more relaxed. If you want to take the shot in the center of the picture, and use the automatic range system, you should use the focusing automatic locking device to keep the focus fixed. If your subject is intense mobile, time does not allow use of locking devices, and the composition is not required to put your subject images outside the central position, must remove the autofocus, instead of manual focus.

Quick focus on motion photography

Quick focus on motion photography

There is also a common focus method when taking pictures of sports, which is the trap focus, which is when the subject enters the intended focus and then presses the shutter of the camera. Some advanced cameras have this kind of performance. Trap focus is very suitable for sports photography. It is ideal to use this method to photograph high jump athletes. When shooting, to the focus in the athlete cleared the bar may be a point, and then put the focus, make it no longer move, finally according to the condition of athletes flying over rail press the shutter, can be taken to the high resolution photos.

It is worth saying that if the subject is moving at an extremely fast speed, such as a racing car, we must also press the shutter before applying the trap technique. This means that the shutter should be pressed for a moment before the subject arrives at the site. Press the shutter ahead of time to make up for the time difference between the shutter release and the actual opening. Now, of course, some advanced auto-focus camera focusing ability is fit for the car's speed, even if the car is the highest speed one horizontal from the picture, also can put it down. If you are not clear before shooting moving object through which point, know only through a particular area, you can use regional focus, as much as possible when shooting with a high sensitivity of film, according to the light conditions and the film sensitivity, try using a small aperture. Focus, according to the scene on the scene very much, let this area in the range of depth of field, the exact focus on in the region near the camera one party of a third, because after the prospect depth is less than the depth of field.

By doing this, you will have a better effect. If the athlete appears at a distance, you can shoot in a super focal length. Can be detected from the camera on the scene very much and when shooting by the aperture of the corresponding range of depth of field, and then turn after JiaoHuan make depth marks on adjustable JiaoHuan infinity symbol, which will make you are using the aperture of maximum depth of field. If athletes subject will appear regularly in several areas at different distances, can use tape to do a circle, in a distance ring, had better use white paper, set above a few special area of the tags, before taking pictures as long as according to mark focus, you can very quickly determine focus position, without focusing through the viewfinder.

The purpose of focusing is to obtain the high quality image, the focus is clear is the requirement of the tomb. But for starters, asked for each photo can focus clearly has the certain difficulty, because there are many factors influencing the focus clearly, if you can't grasp well, it's hard to get a clear image. Here are a few good ways to keep the focus clear for beginners:

1. To prevent vibration

The vibration will blur the image in the image, and even if the image is accurate, it will affect the resolution of the image. There are two general reasons for the vibration:

One is the vibration of the camera, which causes the camera to wobble as it presses the shutter.

2 it is moving subjects, that is, at the instant of the camera shutter release, the subject itself in motion, and the shutter speed is high enough, without living dynamic solidification, thus image fuzzy condition.

To avoid the shock of the camera, you can take measures from three aspects: put the camera on a tripod and stabilize the camera. If the conditions are restricted, the tripod cannot be supported, or the monopod can be used. Increase the shutter speed (generally 1/250 of a second shutter speed), which can weaken the image shaking produced by the vibration of the camera. Adopt the correct method of holding machine. In the absence of tripod, the position of the holding machine will directly affect the stability of the camera. To overcome the dynamic ambiguity of the subject itself, there is only one method, which is to improve the shutter speed. As long as the condition permits, the faster the shutter speeds, the better the effect.

2. Don't go for small circles

Beginners think small aperture can increase the depth of field, will make the image is clear, therefore, they tend to all occasions, the aperture has been very small, not sure especially in focus, the more believe that a small aperture can help them out. But the end result of this is often not ideal, because using a small aperture can lead to a lower shutter speed and hence trigger a camera shake. Therefore, one-sided pursuit of the small aperture is not the best policy; the correct method should be active use the high-speed shutter and tripod.

Japanese photographer Xiao long boa juju has his own unique way of focusing. Each time, he has three cameras on his back, and the focus of each camera is determined to be 10 meters away from his own location, with a 100-mm zoom lens and a focal length of 100. Distance 20 meters away, with 200 mm zoom lens, focal length 200; 30 meters away, 300 mm zoom lens, focal length 300. He thought it would be possible to determine which camera to use based on the visual results.