​Record the unique beauty of your day

​Record the unique beauty of your day

Record the unique beauty of your day

Landscape photography is not only to capture the magnificent natural scenery in nature, there are also beautiful urban landscape in the city forest, those reinforced concrete, those clear water walls, those glass curtain walls, the light and shadow exposed in the gaps of the buildings, the lights at night, are all equally eye-catching.

1. Discover colors

Although many city buildings are dull and gray, they are also full of color.

From the variety of storefronts on the street, to the neon lights at night, color is everywhere, depending on whether you can find a suitable Angle to capture them into your lens.

Find your reflection

In the building forest, we should be good at finding and using reflection to create the picture effect. The reflection here can come from the water surface, such as the river or the surface, such as a small puddle on the road after rain, or from the reflective materials in the building, such as glass curtain wall, or mirror stainless steel and so on. Reflection can effectively create symmetry and give the image a more structured look, and these opportunities are often seen in cities.

3. Discover uniqueness

Every city has some unique and artistic buildings. They may be some functional buildings with special meanings, such as museums and memorials, or some sculptures.

These buildings are often the landmark buildings of the city and also one of the important indicators of the city's character. The appearance of such buildings in the picture can make people in the same city more interested.

Record the unique beauty of your day

Discover new perspectives

A landscape there may have been shot by countless people, so when we go to shoot again, we will feel that it is not interesting, no matter how we shoot it, it is a familiar picture, not interested at all.

In order to make the picture look more interesting, we should be brave to try new perspectives and change our perspective of seeing the world. We are used to looking at the world from the top. However, when taking photos, we may try looking down or up.

Look up Angle of view for shooting those skyscrapers, also is very simple, we don't need to change our position, raised the camera is ok, but looking is more troublesome, downward Angle will be more content, also can cause more interference to the picture, we are in the process of taking pictures, also must first deal with interference.

5. Discoverer

People in the city may be a disturbance to the urban landscape, but it is also possible to inject vitality into our urban landscape photos and make them look more vivid. After all, people are also one of the subjects of the city.

However, when shooting people, you should learn to wait, otherwise the busy crowd in the street will make your picture lose focus. We should first find the right scene, and then wait for the right person to enter the picture.

6. Find contrast

The city is also constantly growing, renewing and replacing the old buildings with new ones. It has modernity and also contains memories. We can see the soaring skyscrapers and low alleys in a city picture. The inclusion of the old and the new in the same image creates a contrast that outlines the history of the city in one image. Contrast can be not only old and new, but also color, shape and so on.

12th Jan 2019

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