​Refresh your photos with these details

​Refresh your photos with these details

Refresh your photos with these details

Although we have a clear subject for each shot, such as your model when shooting portrait, your cat and dog when shooting pets, or the small object you want to express most when shooting still life. However, it is not enough for a photo to have a subject. In order to make the subject more outstanding, we need to set it with a suitable background.

In fact, although context and subject matter are equally important, they are often the most overlooked. But don't forget, a background has enough ability to influence the expression of the subject. In ordinary shooting, how do we choose the right background?

1.Keep the background clean

In most cases, we need to keep the background clean. Of course, clean here does not mean that the background is empty and empty, but that our background is relatively clean and there will not be too many interfering elements affecting the expression of the subject. Especially when we're shooting outside, it's hard to control because we can't change the environment.

But when the background is too messy, you have to think about reframe, otherwise the subject cannot look out is useless. When shooting indoors, this is very convenient. We can change the background according to our own needs, but the main premise is to avoid unnecessary disturbing elements in the background.

2. Blur the background

When it is impossible to change the background, but the background really affects the subject too much, we can achieve the effect of separating the subject and the background by using shallow depth of field to blur the background. The blurred background is very useful in portrait photography or product photography, which can directly highlight the subject.

Refresh your photos with these details

3, close to the main body

When others also cannot very good satisfy the separation of the subject, we would have to close to the main body to body the whole filling our framework, make body images only, although it may not always effective, but sometimes have to try, so mainly in order to eliminate all interference in the photo, let our body can dominate the whole picture.

4. Use contrasting colors

The power of contrasting colors, or complementary colors, should never be underestimated. When there are contrasting colors in a picture, the contrast between the two colors will definitely become the center of the picture. Because analyzing your subject and then choosing a complementary color for your subject as the background color also highlights the subject, allowing the viewer to immediately focus on your subject. Like the red bird in the green background, or the blue sea sky background, wearing a yellow dress model, will definitely become the focus of the picture.

However, when it comes to complementary colors, it is also important to note that the two colors close to each other in the color wheel should not be used as the colors of the main body and background at the same time. In that case, it is easy to confuse the primary and secondary colors, such as red and pink, blue and cyan.

5. Change your perspective

When we think that the background in the environment is not beautiful, we might as well change our perspective, before we shot the model with the eye level view, is the head-up model, so the background is naturally the environment behind the model. If the environment behind you is really not satisfactory, then you can lower your posture and squat down to view from the bottom up, so that the background becomes the above environment. Generally speaking, a higher background can effectively eliminate those messy factors we see in daily life and make the picture more pure.

6. Let the background speak

The background is not only auxiliary, but also the theme of the picture. The model is the breaking point, and the background is the environmental factor that triggers the breaking point. Influential photos can always tell the audience a story, and the background must be an important part of the story. The background can bring a lot of information to help the subjects to express their stories

11th Jan 2019

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