Remove the decoration methanol

Remove the decoration methanol

Formaldehyde is a colorless harmful gas, long-term contact may cause cancer of the nose, mouth, throat, skin and digestive tract. And the formaldehyde in the residence mainly comes from all kinds of wood boards, canvas prints furniture and paint. The following is how to remove formaldehyde method, I hope to help you.

How to remove the decoration methanol method 1. Plant in addition to the taste method

In low degree pollution can choose plant decontamination: general indoor environment pollution is in mild and moderate pollution, canvas prints online pollution value is in the environment of 3 times the following national standard, use plant purification to be able to achieve better result.

According to the different effect of the room, the size of the area choice and put plants. Ordinarily, the room of 10 square metre or so, large canvas the plant of 1.5 meters is put two POTS more appropriate. (Recommended degree: Chlorophytum, Hupiran)

2. Ventilation method to remove formaldehyde: through the circulation of indoor air, can reduce the content of harmful substances in indoor air, so as to reduce the harm of such substances to human body. In winter, people often close doors and Windows, indoor and outdoor air can not flow, not only the content of formaldehyde in indoor air will increase, radon gas will continue to accumulate, and even reach a very high concentration.

3. Soil suggestion: 300 grams of black tea hot tea two wash basin water, into the room, and open the window to breathe, indoor formaldehyde content will be reduced by more than 90% within 48 hours, the pungent smell is basically eliminated.

4. Bamboo charcoal, activated carbon adsorption method

Bamboo charcoal, activated carbon is internationally recognized drug experts, activated carbon masks, gas masks are using activated carbon.

Bamboo charcoal formaldehyde removal is a relatively cheap and practical skills, characterized by physical adsorption, complete adsorption, not easy to cause secondary pollution.

The physical use of activated carbon deodorization, detoxification; No chemical additives, no impact on the human body. Each room put two to three dishes, 72 hours can be basically in addition to indoor odor. This method can be chosen for low and medium pollution, or it can be used in combination with other chemical methods to achieve better comprehensive treatment effect.

Remove the decoration methanol

Renderings of home decoration

There is doubt about this statement. A, the interpretation of this article is suspected of advertising, and it is suspected of misleading consumption. B, Activated carbon is mainly highly adsorbent to benzene substances (toxic gases in home decoration in China). According to the classification of ACTIVATED CARBON for air absorption published by SAS, F-not highly ACTIVATED CARBON was F-not highly able for the absorption of air pollution. That is to say, even activated carbon has no good effect on the absorption of formaldehyde, not to mention bamboo carbon. C hopes browser will delete such comments on advertising rather than professional attitude, otherwise many people will be misled and suffer damage.

1. Sprays and other drug treatment easy to cause secondary pollution, and may damage the furniture, and activated carbon is physical adsorption, very safe, harmless to the human body, the furniture has mildew, anticorrosive use.

It should also be explained that, although many formaldehyde treatment products on the market are in the name of "high-tech", "environmental protection" and other banner, with some inferior chemical synthetic substances. Although these products can eliminate formaldehyde to a certain extent, but also have the potential to re-create other pollutants, leading to secondary pollution. Therefore, the user must be vigilant when the purchase of formaldehyde treatment products. If chemical kind air management product, it is to get through artificial synthetic means, a lot of them are aromatic compounds.

Aromatic compounds almost all contain benzene ring compounds that have been proven or suspected to be carcinogens. In addition, many chemical products are oxidizing and corrosive, which can easily cause damage to utensils, as well as to operators and residents. Closed cover-up products when the film aging and hot, humid and other conditions, the film is prone to damage, canvas floating frame formaldehyde and other harmful substances will be released, become a hidden "time bomb" in the family.

Renderings of home decoration

Formaldehyde removal is a slow process (the Zhou Dynasty formaldehyde release in home decoration is generally 3 to 15 years). Human contact can be washed with water. You can wear a gas mask if formaldehyde is present in the work environment. In fact, try not to use too much decoration home decoration. Simplicity is beauty.

24th Feb 2021

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