Select subject and viewing angle of scenery photography

Select subject and viewing angle of scenery photography

Select subject and viewing angle of scenery photography

If you want to take good landscape photography, in addition to suitable equipment, you need to establish what your shooting theme is. Only by starting from the theme can you imagine the picture to be shot, and you have the confidence to use the shooting Angle and other techniques. In addition to the scene on the change of the grasp, there is preparation and practical operation, can be a complete shot to show the appreciation of the beautiful scenery oh!

Choice of subject

Landscape photography has a wide range of subjects; basically everything you look at is scenery: famous mountains and rivers, forest and wilderness, urban scenery and even a small corner of the park. Landscape photography, like any other content, starts with determining the subject of the scene before considering how to present the subject. Photos without central content, even if the picture is exquisite, only have surface. To take a picture of your heart, it should be the same as writing an article.

The theme of each kind of landscape photography should be fully understood, and it is better to know various features and situations of sceneries. For example, when photographing urban landscapes, each city has its different contents and characteristics, which buildings have their symbolic significance, and which time points can best show the subject. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to shoot, so that you can choose the best projects for the subject you want to shoot, and then determine how you want to shoot.

View and Angle

A perfect picture of the landscape, in addition to the main theme of the scene, as a backdrop is essential. Objects are of primary and secondary importance and should be properly arranged in the picture. In general, the subject is arranged in an important and obvious position on the picture, such as golden section point or positive center, while the lining is only located in the surrounding part of the whole picture.

In the face of the vast natural environment, the optional shooting Angle should also be flexible. In the natural landscape without fixed subject target, the shooting Angle should be determined according to the different faces of the scene. Mountains and water are the most proud places of Guilin. It depends on the scene. If the river is near and the mountain is far scenery, should take the river as the main body; conversely, should take the mountain as the main body.

When taking pictures of lakes, oceans and other wide water surface as the main subject, the water surface must be arranged in the most obvious position in the picture, and other elements are used as the lining body of the water surface. The horizontal line of these scenes is generally obvious, and the picture is usually divided into two parts. If you look too much, you will feel monotonous. Therefore, it is best to choose objects with obvious straight lines (such as wooden boats, masts, etc.) to penetrate horizontal lines and change them.

If the water surface is slender and curved, such as a river or a river, its horizontal line does not clearly divide the picture. But in order to show the depth of its line, should stand at a higher position overlooking the shooting. In this way, not only can express the depth of the scene, but also the curving curve increase the beauty of the lines.

Urban landscape is a landscape dominated by streets and buildings, and each city has its own characteristics and content. When photographing the urban landscape, we should focus on the local characteristics of the city, so we should choose the Angle according to its characteristics. Take Hong Kong as an example, an international metropolis, one of the largest and most developed cities in the world, and Victoria harbour is the place where skyscrapers gather. To express Hong Kong's prosperity, a series of works focusing on Victoria harbour will be required.

Select subject and viewing angle of scenery photography

While shooting other bustling parts of the city, we should find a higher shooting location to show its lively scene (such as night market, etc.). The wide Angle brings a broad perspective, which makes people directly associate with “big” in the idea and expresses the lively image, and then we can shoot the urban scenery works with good atmosphere.

Use of foreground, middle and background


If you want to increase the perspective on the picture, depth, etc., foreground is essential. It connects elements in the scene, makes the picture more durable, and makes the audience's attention stay longer on the picture. We should note that the foreground is not necessarily the main part of the picture, but it is very important to make the picture more full and three-dimensional.


The main part of a landscape photograph can also be placed between the foreground and the middle scene, so the treatment of the middle scene is very important. It is the central area of visual guidance, and it can achieve the purpose of expressing the theme by using the foreground and foreground as the background of the middle scene. However, the main body should not be placed in the middle, which is more flexible. If the main body is in the middle, it is easy to be surrounded by the scene, making the picture uncomfortable and lifeless.


The role of vistas is to extend the scenery and heighten the atmosphere of the artistic conception, enhance the beauty of the picture, and increase people's imagination and the appeal of the scenery. The tone of the distant vision with light color tone, that is, people feel distant and open, clear mind;

Dynamic elements in landscape photography often contain characters or other dynamic objects. They can enrich the content of the scene, but also for the scene to increase the vivid sense of contrast. The character can be used as the main body or as a lining in the picture. Generally, when the scene is bigger and the characters are arranged in the distance, the characters will be used as the contrast to show the people. In the middle scene and the characters are relatively close to the scene, usually the main character.

When determining the subject matter and shooting range, consider both the number and arrangement of the characters and how to capture the good dynamics of the characters. Sometimes, the position of the figures in the scene and their movement patterns can directly affect the harmony of the picture. If not mastered well, great and good beautiful scenes are often damaged by poor movements.

18th Sep 2018

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