​Seven tips for children's photography

​Seven tips for children's photography

What mother can look at a pretty picture of her child and not be moved? Unfortunately, it's not always easy to capture the sweet moments and true personality of a lively little guy! Here we share with you the tips of professional photography lovers on taking photos of their children.

1. Don't always say "Smile"

"Don't always ask your child to smile before a shoot, it just makes them look unnatural. Instead, we can let them do what they like, or we can make them laugh by asking them questions or telling them jokes." "-- Ronald Reagan Daniels, photographer

2. Use your vantage point

"Shoot at the same height as the child. You can give them close-ups of their eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc." "-- Sarah Hasstead

3. Adjust the shutter speed

"The shutter speed should be kept at least 1/125 for still shots, 1/250 for play shots and 1/1,000 for sports shots. If you don't want to use the manual exposure feature on your camera, you can try the TV Settings feature. You can choose the shutter speed from there, and everything else the camera will do for you. Next you take a good enough!!" - Anna

4. Interact with your child

"It's best to remember to interact with your child when filming. Don't set the scene, just follow your heart... This is useful when shooting in a park, backyard, beach, etc. Just let them take whatever bright flowers and plants they find, and you just capture those magical and joyous moments when you're shooting." "-- Christian Duncan

Seven tips for children's photography

5. To be

"When it comes to taking pictures of children, you need to learn to play dumb. Don't be afraid of making jokes." "-- Shelly Rolligan

"Barefoot Moms' Miranda Agreed:" Make sure you make them laugh."

6. Take more

"My best advice is actually simple: Take lots of photos every day... I keep telling people to bring their own cameras with them at all times and everywhere. If you have children, put your camera in a diaper bag. If your child is a little older, you can also stuff the camera in a pocket or somewhere else." "-- Alyssa Luciano

"CiaS Monica Salman has similar advice:' Make sure you take lots of pictures of your children. Because young children are very active, their expressions change faster than the blink of an eye. One thing I've noticed is that after six shots, there's always one good one that captures the character, and if I'm lucky, I might get a series of good shots."

7. Use your sense of humor

"Taking pictures of children is a very challenging job. I've found that we don't have to argue with our children about their poses, we have to learn to adapt and let them be who they really are, so that we can take pictures of their happy moments." "-- Lauren Patrick

21st Oct 2020

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